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UIC Library Faculty Profile: Amelia Brunskill, Information Services & Liaison Librarian: Selected Presentations & Posters

Selected Presentations & Posters

Brunskill, A., Hanneke, R., Raszewski, R. (2023, October). Deduplication in triplicate: A comparison of three options for deduplicating records. Lightning talk, online. Medical Library Association Midwest.

Brunskill, A. & Hanneke, R. (2023, May). From ad-hoc to streamlined: Establishing an infrastructure of documentation and support for systematic review services. Lightning talk. Medical Library Association Annual Conference.

Hanneke, R. & Brunskill, A. (2023, May). Systematic searching for the Social Determinants of Health. Presented paper. Medical Library Association Annual Conference.

Brunskill, A. & Gilbert E. (2022, November). Libraries, disabilities, & social media: Using Twitter's Academic API to identify library tweets about disabilities. Institute for Research Design in Librarianship (IRDL) Online Research Conference. Seven Minute Scholarship presentation. 

Bustamante EE, Balbim GM, Ramer JD, Santiago-Rodriguez ME, DuBois DL, Brunskill A, Mehta TG. (2022, June). Diverse multi-week physical activity programs reduce ADHD symptoms: A meta-analysis. Poster accepted to the 69th Annual Meeting and Scientific sessions of the American College of Sports Medicine. San Diego, CA. 

Brunskill, A. & Hanneke, R. (2022, April). The case of the disappearing librarians: Analyzing documentation of librarians’ contributions to systematic reviews. Lightning talk, Online. Medical Library Association Annual Conference.

Brunskill, A. (2022, April). Systematic searching for disabilities: How are researchers approaching this challenge? Poster, Online. Medical Library Association Annual Conference.

Presentation: Brunskill, A., Lantz, C & K. Mudle. (2021). What is your library webpage telling users with disabilities? Lightning talk at ACRL, Online.

Poster: Brunskill, A. & Hanneke, R. (2020, October). After the search: Our experience conducting a scoping review.Poster session presented at Joint MCMLA/MWMLA Meeting.

Poster author: Using Excel Formulas for Systematic Review Search: Time Savings, Error Reduction, and Carpal Tunnel Relief. MLA Annual Conference. May 2019.

ePoster author: The Expectations, Priorities, and Preferences of Students with Disabilities When Seeking Accessibility Information on Academic Library Websites. MLA Annual Conference. May 2019.

Poster co-author: Expression of Genes and Proteins in the Skeletal Muscle of Individuals with Cachexia: A Systematic Review. 11th Cachexia Conference. Maastricht, Netherlands. December 2018. 

Poster co-author: Mapping the (Mis)alignment between Medical Humanism and Health Humanities in Medical Education: A Scoping Review.  Mapping the Landscape Symposium. Chicago, IL. May 2018.  

Presentation: Accessibility design outside of audiovisual disabilities. Loyola Digital Accessibility conference. Chicago, IL. February 2018.

Poster author: Four Years of E-book Purchasing: What Are We Buying and Is It Getting Used? Charleston Conference. November 2016.

Poster author: Weeding Fast & Slow: Trying to solve both immediate and ongoing concerns. Charleston Conference. November 2015.

Presentation/paper co-author: Creating Audience and Environment-Friendly Research Guides: Findings from a User Study. ACRL. March 2015.

Poster co-author: Cheap and (relatively) easy PDA: A conservative and successful pilot. Charleson Conference. November 2013.

Presentation: Negotiating tactics: Secrets from both sides of the table. Charleston Conference. November 2012.

Poster co-author: Working out our workflows: Visualizing who does what, when and how. Charleston Conference. November 2012. 

Presentation: iTALC: Free & Effective Management of Computer Classrooms. @ LIRT Program: Capitalizing on Technology: A Teaching Technology Fair. ALA. Washington, DC, June 2010.

Poster co-author: Red, Yellow, Green: A Simple System for Collaborative Review of a Reference Collection. ACRL. Seattle, WA, March 2009.

Poster co-author: Exploring New Methods of Content Delivery: Three Trial Approaches. ACRL/NY Annual Symposium. New York, December 2008. 

Presentation: A Merged Web Site: Triumphs & Compromises. LITA National Forum. Cincinnati, OH, October 2008.