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UIC Library Faculty Profile: Amelia Brunskill, Information Services & Liaison Librarian: Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Article co-author: Hanneke, R., & Brunskill, A. (2024). Searching for the social determinants of health: Observations from evidence synthesis publications. Systematic Reviews, 13, 134.

Article co-author: Brunskill, A. & Gilbert, E. (2023). Academic libraries' social media posts related to disabilities: A review of libraries& tweets in terms of their content and accessibility. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 49 (3), 1-10. doi:10.1016/j.acalib.2023.102684

Article co-author: Brunskill, A. & Hanneke, R. (2022). The case of the disappearing librarians: Analyzing documentation of librarians’ contributions to systematic reviews. Journal of the Medical Library Association, 110 (4), 409-418. doi: 10.5195/jmla.2022.1505

Article co-author: Brunskill, A., Lantz, C. & Mundle, K. (2021). What information are we providing to users with disabilities?: An analysis of ARL libraries’ accessibility webpages. College & Research Libraries, 82(7), 935-958. doi: 10.5860/crl.82.7.935

Article co-author: Brunskill, A. & Hanneke, R. (2021) Students who are non-users of their academic library: A scoping review. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 47(5), n.p.doi:10.1016/j.acalib.2021.102423

Article author: Brunskill, A. (2021). Disability Studies Research Literature: It’s (Mostly) Not Where We Think. portal: Libraries and the Academy 21(1), 81-97. doi:10.1353/pla.2021.0006

Article author: Brunskill, A. (2020). “Without That Detail, I’m Not Coming”: The Perspectives of Students with Disabilities on Accessibility Information Provided on Academic Library Websites. College & Research Libraries, 81(5), 768.

Article author: Brunskill, A. (2020). A Microsoft Excel Approach to Reduce Errors and Increase Efficiency in Systematic Searching. Medical Reference Services Quarterly, 39(1), 15-26. doi: 10.1080/02763869.2020.1704598

Article co-author: Byrne, C. A., McNeil, A. T., Koh, T. J., Brunskill, A. F., & Fantuzzi, G. (2019). Expression of genes in the skeletal muscle of individuals with cachexia/sarcopenia: A systematic review. PLOS One, 14(9), e0222345.

Presentation/paper co-author: Creating Audience and Environment-Friendly Research Guides: Findings from a User Study. ACRL. March 2015.

Book chapter: Going digital but not bookless: Physical, digital library spaces. No Shelf Required 2:  The Use and Management of E-books in Libraries, ALA Editions, 2012, Sue Polanka, Editor.

Book chapter: Do-It-Yourself Library Basics. In R.L. Sittler & D. Cook (Eds.), The Library Instruction Cookbook. Chicago, IL: Association of College & Research Libraries, 2009.

Paper co-author: Foster, R.L., A. Brunskill, D. Verdirame, & S. O'Donnell. 2004. Reproductive physiology, dominance interactions, and division of labour among bumble bee workers. Physiological Entomology 29: 327-334.