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UIC Library Faculty Profile: Rosie Hanneke, Associate Professor & Information Services/Liaison Librarian: Presentations & Publications

My Research

My research focuses on the information needs and behavior of health sciences students, faculty, and researchers, particularly in my liaison area, public health. I am interested in exploring how librarians can collaborate with stakeholders on campus and in the community to improve information access in order to better support these needs.

My Publications

Library & information sciences

Hanneke, R., & Link, J. M. (2019). The complex nature of research dissemination practices by public health faculty researchers. Journal of the Medical Library Association,107(3), 341-351.

Hanneke, R. (2018). The hidden benefits of helping students with systematic reviews. Journal of the Medical Library Association106(2), 244-247.

Hanneke, R., & Link, J. M. (2017). Research practices of public health faculty scholars at UIC

Hanneke, R., & Young, S. K. (2017). Information sources for obesity prevention policy research: A review of systematic reviews. Systematic Reviews, 6:156.

Hanneke, R., Asada, Y., Lieberman, L., Neubauer, L. C., & Fagen, M. (2017). The scoping review method: Mapping the literature in “structural change” public health interventions. In SAGE Research Methods Cases.

Hanneke, R., & O'Brien, K. (2016). Comparison of three web-scale discovery services for health sciences research. Journal of the Medical Library Association104(2), 109–117.

Correlli, B., & Hanneke, R. (2015). Enriching caring pedagogy through faculty-librarian partnerships. International Journal for Human Caring, 19(2), 62-65.

Interdisciplinary collaborations

Stratford, B., Cook, E., Hanneke, R., Katz, E., Seok, D., Steed, H., Fulks, E., Lessans, A., & Temkin, D. (2020).  A scoping review of school-based efforts to support students who have experienced trauma. School Mental Health

Huang, Y.-K., Hanneke, R., & Jones, R. M. (2019). Bibliometric analysis of cardiometabolic disorders studies involving NO2, PM2.5 and noise exposure. BMC Public Health, 19, 877.

Asada, Y., Lieberman, L. D., Neubauer, L. C., Hanneke, R., & Fagen, M. (2017). Evaluating structural change approaches to health promotion: An exploratory scoping review of a decade of US progress. Health Education Behavior.

Smith, K.M., Baker, K.M., Wesley, D., Zipperer, L., Clark, M., Hanneke, R., Goeschel, C.A., & Stoto, M.A. (2017). Improving patient safety in primary care settings by engaging patients and families: Environmental scan report. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.


My Presentations

Student Systematic ReviewsHow We Can Help (And Why We Should), Joint Meeting of the Midwest Chapter/MLA and Michigan Health Sciences Libraries Association. Ypsilanti, MI, October 2017.

Information Sources for Systematic Reviews in Obesity Prevention Policy, American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. Denver, CO, October 2016. [Research poster]

Developing the Mosaic: Translating Education from Theory to Practice, Mosaic '16 [Joint Meeting of Medical Library Association, Canadian Health Libraries Association, and International Clinical Librarian Conference]. Toronto, ON, Canada, May 2016.