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Patient Safety Orientation : 4 - Managing Your Citations

Moving Citations

If you want to become more expert in managing citations, this material will help you. It reviews some elements of tab 3 and adds other information to expand your understanding. It is optional for this course, but recommended. Learning how to use RefWorks and MYNCBI takes time. There is a great deal you can do with these tools. The information below is designed to help you do a few important things very quickly using written instructions.


COLLECTIONS in MYNCBI - create a new collection or move new citations to an existing collection -

  1. Click the MYNCBI link to open to your MYNCBI account page (upper right corner of PubMed page)
  2. Select the search you want from the Recent Activity box
  3. On the search results page that appears, check the citations you want to move (or don't check any to capture the first 1000)
  4. Use the Send To pulldown menu to select Collections > press Add to Collections
  5. Either choose a new collection and give it a new name or use an existing one > then Save

Please note the Collections HELP link in PubMed is very easy to use and includes a YouTube tutorial. Similiar HELP sections exist for other functions listed on the Send To pulldown menu on the PubMed page. 

SAVE SEARCH - to save a search

  1. Select the Search from you MYNCBI home page Recent Activity box
  2. On the search results page, select the SAVE SEARCH link (immediately under the search box at the top) > name it >
  3. Confirm its entry into your MYNCBI saved searches box
  4. See the help section for all the things you can do with saved searches



CLIPBOARD - to place selected citations on an 8-hour clipboard associated with your IP address. This Clipboard can be edited, sent on to Collections, moved to RefWorks, or emailed.

  1. Simply select individual citations from the PubMed search results page or to send a large batch of all results (select nothing and the first 500 results will be used)
  2. Click the Send To pulldown menu to select Clipboard > press Add to Clipboard


REFWORKS - transfer citations from MYNCBI or PubMed to Refworks

  1. Open your RefWorks account by signing in at
  2. Either select your citations from the PubMed search results page or the Clipboard
  3. Click the Send To pulldown menu to select FILE > Select MEDLINE format (this is the tagged format recognized by RefWorks*) - note that if you do not select the citations, you may create an enormous file!
  4. After selecting Create File, look for the pop-up asking about opening or saving the "pubmed_result.txt file"
  5. Open & save or save the file directly to your Desktop (you may rename it)
  6. Go to RefWorks and select the REFERENCES pulldown menu and choose IMPORT
  7. When the popup window appears, make sure you have NLM PUBMED (Import filter/Data Source) and PUBMED (Database) and the correct FOLDER in Refworks you want to use (name a new one or use one already there)
  8. Browse your desktop for the save pubmed_result.txt file and Open it > then press IMPORT
  9. Verify your citations made it to the FOLDER you wanted (you don't want to keep them in the LAST IMPORTED folder because it is overwritten each time you do an new import)

 Link to the UIC REFWORKS tutorial!