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Communication 100

Find and evaluate scholarly research in the social sciences

Citing sources

Remember to cite your sources using APA style. Most databases, including Google Scholar, will have a "cite" button that will give you the proper citation. (You may have to tweak the citation as sometimes there can be errors.) The screen shots below show how to use the cite feature in EbscoHost databases like Academic Search Complete.

1. Click on the title of the article you'd like to cite.

Screen shot of article record


2. Click on "Cite" on the right-hand side.

Screen shot of cite button


3. Choose APA style.

screen shot of citation format


APA 7th edition

There's a new edition of APA style, the 7th edition. There aren't too many changes, but some major ones to be aware of are as follows:

1) Publication location no longer needed for books.

2) "Retrieved from" is no longer needed before a URL.

3) DOIs are treated as any other URL. Label "DOI" is not needed.