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SALUD UIC: Cases for Nursing Students

This guide has links to patient education information in English, Spanish, and other languages. This website is the new look for the SALUD project.


In your role as a health educator, you encounter one of the following information needs from your patient.   Take 10-15 minutes to find health education materials that would be suitable for your client.   One spokesperson for each group will present what materials they found.  Be sure to document how you found each resource and be prepared to comment upon whether or not this looks like a quality source. 


Case #1

 You are seeing a 72 y/o African-American male with a past medical history of HTN, diabetes and arthritis.  He is average height and weight.  He is on medication for HTN and DM but his blood pressure is above normal.  He would like help with his diet in helping maintain the proper blood sugar levels.


Case #2

 You are seeing a healthy 6 month old baby boy for routine immunizations.  Mom is Hispanic and speaks little English. She is concerned about the different immunizations her son is receiving and wants to know why he needs to continue receiving "all those shots" if he is healthy. 


Case #3

 An 89 y/o female is here today for influenza vaccination. The patient has a past medical history of HTN, anemia and diabetes. This patient is Vietnamese and speaks very little English.


Case #4

You are seeing a 45 y/o Hispanic male with a past medical history of GERD, CAD and colon cancer.  This patient has questions about his upcoming colonoscopy and alternative therapies for heart disease and CAD.  He also has questions about how he can better improve his diet.


Case #5

 A 50 y/o Indian female has just emigrated to the U.S. and is being seen today with mood swings, hot flashes and dyspareunia.  In addition, this patient is scheduled for a mammogram today. This patient speaks very little English but she speaks Hindi.


Case  #6

65 y/o Hispanic male with PMHx of cirrhosis of the liver and asthma.  This is his third visit in six weeks for asthma exacerbation.  This client speaks English.


Case #7

31 y/o pregnant Russian female who is healthy with no PMHx.   She is interested in finding information concerning pregnancy.  This client speaks little English. 


Case #8

29 y/o G1 P1 Cambodian female who is here for her a postpartum visit with her 2 month-old.  She is healthy with no PMHx.  She is interested in finding out about well-baby care. This client does not speak English.