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UIC Library Faculty Profile: Felicia Barrett, Regional Head Librarian and Associate Professor: Teaching

Selected Instructional Sessions

Research Tools and You

PubMed @ UIC

PubMed Basics for James Scholar Students

Evidence-Based Public Health Nursing Workshop

Introduction to RefWorks

Access Medicine

Clinical Pharmacology

PIER and UpToDate

First Consult and MD Consult

CINAHL Plus and Health Source: Nursing/Academic



PsycINFO, PsycArticles and Psychology: A SAGE Full-text Collection

Consumer Health Databases

Web of Science

qUICsearch and SUMSearch


Selected Webinars

Introduction to Drug Databases

Where do I go to find drug information?

PubMed Basics for Nurses

Nursing 526 Nursing Inquiry Library Session


How do I know I found everything?

Online Consumer Health Information You Can Trust

Online Research Tools in the Health Sciences

Discover Your Health Sciences Databases



Subject Guide