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Journals@UIC (Journals@University of Illinois at Chicago): Roles & Responsibilities

The University of Illinois at Chicago University Library will:

  • Provide the server and the software (PKP Open Journal System)  to host the journal
  • Create the journal on the host server. The editor(s) will then be given full access to configure the look and manage the content of the journal.
  • Train the editors in the use of the Journals@UIC OJS software.  The goal is that the journal becomes self sufficient in all aspects including management, production of galleys, revenue, and publishing.
  • Be available for help with questions or provide technical assistance as needed.
  • Provide consultation on journal policies and metadata
  • Provide guidance for submitting the journal for consideration for inclusion in commercial indexing and abstracting services (Web of Science, other databases)
  • Work with the editors of existing journals to assess needs and provide advice on moving content if possible.
  • Have no responsibility for vetting or moderating the content of the journal
  • Have no responsibility for managing the journal
  • Provide DOIs for articles published through Journals@UIC ( this will be a cost recovery service and fees will be charged back to the publishing partner)
  • Provide fee-based services to assist with services not provided directly through the OJS software
  • Ensure the system is available to users 24/7; with the exception of unforeseen technical difficulties and routine maintenance
  • Install OJS upgrades in a timely manner as they become available
  • Provide access to usage statistics
  • Preserve and back-up content
  • Reserve the right to preserve and distribute the content unless a different agreement is reached between the publishing partner and the University of Illinois in the event the journal ceases or this contract is terminated for other reasons
  • Reserve the right to terminate contract with a publishing partner that does not meet expectations for quality or content
  • In the event of a decision to end hosting Journals@UIC , provide 6 months prior written notice of this intention

The Publishing Partner (editor/editorial team/owner of the journal) will:

  • Acknowledge the University of Illinois at Chicago Library as the publisher of the journal (acknowledging an additional co- publisher is possible with appropriate justification)
  • Be fully responsible for all aspects of managing the journal including the creation, transfer, and updating of journal content to the OJS server, unless having contracted with the University of Illinois for some or all of those services;
  • Maintain a journal that publishes results to advanced research and scholarly work
  • Maintain an active journal that publishes content at least annually
  • Select appropriate editors/reviewers; Demonstrate rigor in the selection/review process
  • Publish research material without unreasonable delay after favorable assessment
  • Manage funds appropriately if revenue/ income is collected to maintain and support the journal (e.g.  author fees, subscription fees, or society dues) (see Setting Up a Nonprofit Tax-Exempt Corporation
    • The library requests that fees be assessed on a cost recovery basis in order to disseminate information in a cost effective manner.
    • For journals choosing to utilize the subscription feature, the journal content may be embargoed for a maximum of 6 months.  (This can be adjusted with an appropriate and valid justification.)
    • A fee of $500 per journal/ per year will be charged to the publishing partner for journals collecting fees.  The fees will be used by the library for the continued maintenance of the Journal@UIC server.
  • Use a Creative Commons license for publishing agreements between the author(s) and the publishing partner (see examples
  • Grants the University of Illinois the non-exclusive right to reproduce, transmit, and distribute the content (without changing it) to any medium or format necessary for the purpose of preservation and distribution. (These rights do not include the right to sell the content or sell access to the content);
  • Reimburse Library for CrossRef charges related to the issuance and maintenance of DOIs directly attributable and requested by the journal;
  • Reimburse Library for any contracted fee based services. 
  • Acknowledge that the University of Illinois shall not be liable for any damages, costs or losses whatsoever arising in any circumstances from these services including, without limitation, damages arising from the breakdown of the technology, the failure to install upgrades and difficulties with access.  In instances when a publishing partner is using PayPal to collect fees, the University of Illinois will not be liable for abuse, misuse, or security breach. 
  • Be fully responsible for the content of the e-journal and indemnify and hold harmless the University of Illinois from any claims, losses, damages or legal actions incurred by the University of Illinois and arising from the content or dissemination of the journal’s content;
  • Provide the name and contact information of one person who will be the main contact with the University and act as the initial Journal Manager. That person will thereafter be responsible for assigning all other roles. If the main contact person is to change, a person with authority to represent the Publishing Partner must provide that direction to the University of Illinois at Chicago University Library in writing;
  • In the event of a decision to discontinue the hosting arrangement, provide the University of Illinois with 6 months prior written notice of its intention to do so.