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PhD Nursing Student Resource Guide

Recommended resources for Nursing PhD students

Locating Protocols

Time Saving Tools for Formatting your Searches

Spreadsheet for formatting and compiling terms:

Here is a spreadsheet that can assist with formatting and compiling your subject headings and keywords.
NOTE: This spreadsheet may not work for older versions of Excel, including Excel 2016.

Here is a video on how this spreadsheet works: 


Tool for line by line searches

If you are using a line by line search approach for your search, you may need to OR together a long series of search numbers. It may be easier, and less prone to error, to copy and paste the numbers you need rather than manually typing them out.

Here is a file that works for PubMed or Embase, and one that works for CINAHL (on EBSCO):

Recommended Tools

Reporting Standards