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LHS-P Special Collections

This guide highlights some of the Special Collections housed at the Library of the Health Sciences in Peoria.

Dr. Allan C. Campbell Dermatological and Historical Collections

  • The Dermatology & Pathology Collection contains over a dozen historical dermatology and pathology texts, most of which date to the 19th century.  Highlights from the collection include:
    • General Pathology, as Conducive to the Establishment of Rational Principles for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease which was published in 1852.  This volume, by John Simon, F.R.S., is described as "a course of lectures, delivered at St. Thomas's Hospital, during the summer session of 1850" and contains several fascinating topics including "Morbid Poisons".
    • A complete three-volume set of the 1st English edition of the Portfolio of Dermochromes from 1903 and two volumes of the 1910 4th edition of the same work.  These volumes contain hundreds of color plates exhibiting a wide variety of dermatological conditions.  These volumes are important not only for their contribution to dermatology but also as an excellent example of early 20th century color plates. 
  • The Historical Collection contains a brass microscope with a wooden case, circa 1850, manufactured by W. Matthews, of Portugal Street in London.  Matthews was described in an 1855 Lancet ad as the "surgical instrument maker to King's College Hospital."  This collection also includes a pair of eyeglasses that have been in Dr. Campbell's family for several generations.
  • The James Hunt Collection consists of 4 volumes from the Saunders’ Medical Hand-Atlases series: diseases of the larynx, diseases of children, and 2 volumes on bacteriology.  This popular series from the late 19th and early 20th centuries is also highly illustrated with color plates.  Dr. Campbell was instrumental in acquiring these volumes for the library.