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HON 201: Plant Medicine from Rainforest to Metropolis - A Legacy for the Future: Getting Help with Research

Library help

To Email or Schedule an Appointment with a Librarian:

These are examples of when you should email or make an appointment with a librarian:

1. If you are entering combinations of terms into the databases and not finding enough relevant citations (different terms or different databases may help)

2. If you are having trouble setting up, using, or integrating your citation manager with databases, Word documents, or your PC/Mac (a different citation manager, export file type or plug-in extension may help)

3. If you are finding too many or not enough books related to your topic (adding additional terms, using different words, or narrowing by resource type or publication date may help)

4. If you are uncertain of what database to start with in your search for information resources (subject-specific research guides may help narrow the focus)

5. If you have questions about different types of scientific literature, or would like help evaluating certain resources for credibility

6. If you would like feedback about how you are processing the literature, annotating citations, or synthesizing literature

7. Or anything related to the research process, that has not been addressed please reach out to a librarian for help using the contact links above to schedule an appointment, email a librarian directly, or by using the "chat with a librarian" feature embedded into the UIC library website in the bottom right corner of your internet browser.

Check forums on blackboard. Will be a place there to ask the librarian questions

Other help

When creating your video, aim to:

1. Keep your commentary focused on your main content goals

2. Use audio and visual elements to complement what you are saying verbally, (rather than reading from the screen)

3. Highlight important ideas or concepts (display the keywords of your presentation that highlight important elements)

4. Use a conversational, yet enthusiastic tone to make your presentation engaging

5. Use guiding questions or incorporate interactive features that cue reflection as you transition through content

Brame, C.J. (2015). Effective educational videos. Retrieved [2021] from 

Additional video tutorials for help with Panopto or Voice thread

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