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Trans Organizing 101: Supporting Resources

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Selected Background Research to Support Arguments

Trans youth-related research

Olsavsky, A. L., Grannis, C., Bricker, J., Chelvakumar, G., Indyk, J. A., Leibowitz, S. F., Mattson, W. I., Nelson, E. E., Stanek, C. J., & Nahata, L. (2023). Associations among gender-affirming hormonal interventions, social support, and transgender adolescents' mental health. Journal of Adolescent Health, 72(6), 860-868.

Olson, K. R., Durwood, L., DeMeules, M., & McLaughlin, K. A. (2016). Mental health of transgender children who are supported in their identitiesPediatrics, 137(3). 

Tordoff, D. M., Wanta, J. W., Collin, A., Stepney, C., Inwards-Breland, D. J., & Ahrens, K. (2022). Mental health outcomes in transgender and nonbinary youths receiving gender-affirming care. JAMA Network Open, 5(2).

Trans adult-related research

What does the scholarly research say about the effect of gender transition on transgender well-being? From Cornell University's What We Know: A Public Policy Journal (2018). Includes links to dozens of studies and lit reviews.