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UIC Library Faculty Profile: Teresa Helena Moreno, Undergraduate Engagement Coordinator and Liaison for Black Studies: Home

University of Illinois at Chicago University Library Faculty Profile


Master of Science |  Library + Information Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Master of Arts | Women's Studies + Gender Studies
Loyola University of Chicago

Bachelor of Arts | English
Saint Joseph’s College of Indiana

Awards + Fellowships

Emerging Leader. American Library Association, 2020.

Sylvia Murphy Williams Scholar Award. Illinois Library Association, 2018.

Spectrum Scholar Award.  American Library Association, 2018.

Kaleidoscope Scholar. Association of Research Libraries, 2017-2019.

Women of Color Leadership Award. National Women's Studies Association, 2013.



I joined the library faculty at Richard J. Daley Library in 2018 to co-coordinate initiatives for undergraduate engagement.  I also serve as  the liaison to the Black Studies Department.  Trained in feminist methodology, critical race theory and rooted in interdisciplinary practice, my librarianship and pedagogical praxis are informed by these theories, methodologies and  practices.

My career in the academe spans over a decade. Prior to my appointment at Daley Library, I was the Assistant Director  and Director of Undergraduate Studies to the Black Studies Department at UIC where I focused on curating programming, developing curricula at the graduate and undergraduate levels, as well as creating and implementing strategic plans and supporting faculty research.  I have held various leadership positions in women's centers and multicultural centers on college campuses.  In addition to this work, I  teach a number of undergraduate feminist-based courses within the humanities and have developed the first gender studies offerings at various institutions in Chicago.  In conjunction with this work, I have held executive roles focused on advancing the needs of students of color, women, and LGBTQ students through various programs, events, advisory appointments, and educational policy work within institutions of higher education. 


Everywhere and Nowhere: Understanding Diaspora in the Library

Library Juice Press | Monograph Forthcoming 2021


Diasporic communities seeking to find their histories and narratives within libraries are oftentimes confronted with the systems of classification incongruent with their own understandings of their histories and lived experiences--in which the narratives of diasporic communities are widely dispersed yet without a singular home that is recognizable. Using an interdisciplinary approach rooted in feminist and critical race theories and the information sciences, this book aims to focus on the problems of inappropriately and inaccurately coding and classifying and organizing diasporic content in existing library structures and the societal implications of such problems such as questions of citizenship and the reproduction of misunderstandings of the diaspora and its communities.