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Rockford Nursing Research Projects: Home

A list of uncataloged nursing research projects available for loan at Crawford Library.

List of Nursing Research Projects

Nursing research projects can be checked out at the front desk.

Call Number/Title/Author

A344 2001 - Running Head: Deployability of Soldiers by Albro, Major Page S.

A425 1987 - Black and Mexican Patient’s Views on Psychiatric Readmission by Allen, Linda Elizabeth

A545 2001 - Concept Analysis of Childhood Aggression by Anderson, Andrea L.

A546 2001 - Bereavement Process Experienced by a Gay Male Survivor of AIDS-related Deaths by Anderson, Donna C.

A573 Hassles and Uplifts Experienced by Mothers of Premature Infants by Andries, Patricia

B174 2003 - Impact of Infusion Nurse Specialists: An Integrative Literature Review by Balcitis, Judy

B279 1984 - Potential Benefits of Exercise for the Elderly by Barry, Suzanne

B331 1984 A Study of Emergency Room Nurses’ Perception of and Response to Stress by Bather, Veronica

B347 2005 - Barriers to School Health Program Expansion in Illinois: A Qualitative Study by Bauman, Paula S.

B419 2006 - Establishing an Evidence-Based Practice Home Care Guideline Using Advanced Practice Nurse Transitional Care After Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery by Behling, Rebecca J.

B661 2010 - Identified Barriers to Breast Cancer Screening Mammography in African-American Women by Blythe, Heather L.

B784 1983 - A Study of Nurses’ Perception of Medication “Errors” by Bowman, Sister Christine

B798 2001 - Item Analysis of a Multiple Choice Test on Nursing Assessment: An Interpretive Report by Brady, Michelle A.

B829 2002 - Chronic Nonmalignant Pain Management of Psychiatric Patients With or Without a Substance Use History by Brechlin, Angeline

B849 2007 - Pilot Study: Blood Pressure Knowledge Assessment of Workers in a Midwestern Manufacturing Plant by Brick, Gail and Fearn, Cindy

B858 1994 - Concept Analysis: Creating Conceptual Meaning That Reflects Mentorship by Brinkman, Regina

B878 1988 - Recovering Chemically Dependent Nurses’ Perceptions of Reentry to Practice by Brown, Karen J.

B959 2001 - Advanced Practice Nurses Knowledge and Practice Regarding Herbal Medicines by Burkart, Colleen

B972 1995 - Refinement of a Substance Abuse Knowledge Survey by Burrows, Leah R.

C284 2005 - Care of the Patient Receiving a Ventricular Assist Device Emergently After Failure to Wean from Cardiopulmonary Bypass by Carlovsky, Kathryn R. 

C318 1997 - Organizational Climate as Perceived by Nurse Executives of Acute Care Hospitals by Carrington, Christine

C324 2007 - Pregnancy Associated Breast Cancer: Significance of Early Detection by Carter, Linnette E.

C332 1995 - Nursing Case Management: Impact of Cost and Length of Stay in Acute Care Setting by Carynski, Paula A.

C359 2005 - Pain of Pressure Ulcers: An Integrative Literature Review by Cates, Melody

C421 - Measurement of Burnout in Senior Nursing Students: Projective Drawings and Maslach Burnout Inventory by Cesarone, Diane

C672 1980 - Alleviating the Discharge Crisis: Assessment and Planning with Psychiatric Patients and Their Families by Coen, Kathleen Ann

C761 1983 - Transition into the Head Nurse Role: Selection and Socialization by Contento, Anne Klasch

C825 2004 - Colorectal Cancer Screening: Barriers and Facilitators of Utilization: An Integrative Literature Review by Corrigan, Tricia Lynn

C951 1985 - A Study of Head Nurse Leadership Behaviors and Staff Nurse Job Satisfaction by Cross, Joanne (Kolberg)

D153 1984 - How Nurse Executives Plan for Retrenchment by Daly-Gawenda, Debra

D275 1985 - Perceptions of Administrative Nurses Regarding Computerized Schedules by Day, Sharon S.

D491 - Anglo Therapist/Hispanic Clients in the Mental Health Setting by Devereaux, Jacqueline Heinecke

D754 1995 - The Experience of Therapeutic Touch and Guided Imagery in Low Back Pain by Doyle, Mary L.

D776 - Key Factors in Planning Patient Care as Perceived by Discharge Planners and Home Health Nurses by Drew, Leslie A.

D852 1994 - Hispanic Adolescents Knowledge of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome by Duenas, Rogelio

D856 2006 - Quality Improvement Methodologies and Adverse Event Reduction: An Integrated Literature Review by Duffey, Laura

E14 2003 - The Promotion of Music Therapy to Reduce Fear and Anxiety in Post Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Patients by Eatock, Carole J.

E36 1997 - Nursing Case Management: An Integrative Review of the Literature by Ekern, Sharon O.

E65 1985 - Head Nurses’ Perceptions of the Self-Scheduling Process by Erbeck, William J.

E47 2010 - Use of a Tool to Promote Safe Medication Management by Community-Dwelling Elderly by Eschen, Andrea and McGaha, Ruth

E78 1983 - Hospice Volunteer Training and Evaluation by Esslinger, Susan

E94 1998 - Stress, Anxiety, Coping and Gender Differences in Naval Recruits During Military Basic Training by Ewald, Linda J. Etchill

F649 1993 - The Relationship Between Erythropoietin, Quality of Life, and Resource Utilization for Dialysis Patients by Foat-Sockwell, Charlene

F746 2010 - Improving Adherence to Antihypertensive Medication: An Integrated Literature Review by Fosler, Kristine

F787 1984 - Assistant Head Nurses: Entry Level Managers by Fowler, Mariann W.

F893 2006 - Concept Analysis of Safety as it Relates to Workplace Violence in Emergency Departments by Frey, Heather

G213 1983 - The Application of Computerized Information Systems as an Adjunct to Managerial Control in Nursing: A Review of the Literature by Garber-Bronfeld, Ellen

G255 1997 - The Role of Biological Immaturity versus Social Disadvantage in Adverse Outcomes of Adolescent Births: An Integrative Literature Review by Gastiger, Jean L.

G311 2004 - Leadership: What Variables Are Positively Related To Staff Nurse Retention and Job Satisfaction? An Integrative Literature Review by Gehrke, Kathi Lynn

G312 1984 - Nurse Self-Scheduling: Effects on Job Satisfaction, Absenteeism, and Turnover by Geiger, Mary K.

G441 2010 - Addressing Sexuality: An Integral Component of Holistic Care in Palliative and Hospice Patients with Life-Limiting Illness by Gibbons, Kellie J.

G617 Job Satisfaction: The Case of Nurses in the  Operating Room by Golas, Mary L

G975 1988 - Incidence and Characteristics of Oral Discomfort and Patient-Reported Oral Care Practices After Stomatoxic Chemotherapy by Gunderman, Linda

G984 1995 - Patients’ Perception of Caring in the Operating Room by Guth, Wendee S.

H111 1980 - Burnout Intervention with Nurses by Haack, Mary

H417 1988 - An Approach to Job Redesign When Restructuring Management by Hayes, Carolyn M.

H465 2006 - Mild Concussion in High School Football: Implications for Nurse Practitioners in the  Family Practice Setting: An Integrative Literature Review by Heidel, Michelle M.

H473 2000 - The Concept of Behavior Change as it Applies to Lifestyle Transformation for the Promotion of Health by Heitmann, Mary T.

H481 1997 - The Influence of Exercise on Cholesterol Levels in Midlife Women by Helmold, Cheri

H586 1990 - Characteristics of Hospital Resource Team Nurses by Hess, Patrick

H676 1984 - An Evaluation of a Rotating Orientation Program by Hitt-Vadria, Patricia A.

H728 1985 - The Design of Nurse-Manager Training Programs in Hospitals by Holdsworth, Margaret Q.

H917 2006  - Effect of patient education on overcoming barriers to therapeutic lifestyle change in patients with the metabolic syndrome: A pilot study by Hulstedt, Janelle and Mendeloff, Elizabeth

I19 2006 - Nurse Staffing and Affects on Patient Outcomes by Idell, Melinda Mae

J33 1979 - Psychiatric Liaison Consultation in General Hospital Settings by Janken, Janice Kay

J331 1984 - Empathic Nurse’s Nonverbal Communication by Janzen, Sharon

J82 2000 - Mentoring: An Evolution Concept Analysis for Nursing by Jordan, Luann K.

K55 2007 - Promoting Healthier Farm Living in Lee County, Illinois: A Health Fair Approach by Kinney, Kate and Munger, Tanya and Read, Beth

K63 1983 - Alcoholism and Family Treatment by Klemm, Connie A.

K75 1982 - Exploration of Roles of Psychiatric Nurse Specialist In General Hospital Settings by Kowal, Nancy

K76 2005 - Help Seeking Behaviors of Women with Urinary Incontinence: An Integrative Literature Review by Koch, Laura H.

K95 2009 - The Benefits of and Barriers to School District Staff Wellness Programs by Kunz, Donna J.

L318 1986 - Nursing Diagnosis and Preoperative Patient Care Indicators by Larew, Sandra Lee

L334 1999 - Psychological Adaption and Quality of Life in Patients with Implantable Cardiovertor Defibrillators: An Integrative Literature Review by Larson, Lisa A.

L425 1980 - The Role of Psychological Stress in Altering the Humoral Response to Cardiac Catherterization by Lawson, Lauren

L566 1995 - Personal Computer Use by the Nurse Manager by Lenker, Lynn F.

L669 1985 - Education and Nursing Staff Attitude Toward Old People by Lewitz, Amy

L778 1980 - The Influence of Rap Groups on the Self Concept of Senior Citizens by Little, Nancy Martha

L789 1993 - Nurse and Physician Collaboration: An Integrated Literature Review by Lizer, Shannon K.

L935 - Clinical Advancement for Nurses: A Case Study by Luce, Donna L.

L944 2000 - Leadership Confidence Scale: A Factor Analysis by Ludicky, Melissa

L987 2004 - Screening for Violence in the Pediatric Primary Care Setting:  Barriers and Interventions: An Integrative Literature Review by Lynch, Monica L.

L991 1995 - Patient Perceptions of Professional Nurse Behaviors by Lyon, Mary J.

M159 1998 - Evaluating Therapeutic Touch: An Integrative Literature Review by Mackoway, Debra J.

M126 2005 - Asthma Screening in School Aged Children: Integrative Review of the Literature by McClelland, Lora E.

M129 1985 - Projective Drawings and Maslach Burnout Inventory Scores of Senior Nursing Students by McCoy, Diana

M147 1996 - The Lived Experience of Women with AIDS by McGrath, Cynthia A.

M453 1997 - Diabetes: A Lived Experience by Maurer, Sheila M.

M647 2010 - Components of the Social Ecological Model and their Influences on Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy by Miller, Jorilyn

M665 2001 - Analysis of Identified Variables in Survivors of Downsizing: An Integrative Literature Review by Minnick, Ila

M878 1976 - The Black Wife: Role Perspectives by Morrison, Bette Lucille

M911 2005 - Nurse and Physician Collaboration: An Integrated Review of Literature by Moses-Otterstein, Robin

M978 1999 - Assessment of the Self-Perceived Educational Needs of Schizophrenia Clients and Their Families by Murphy, Kim M.

N562 2010 - Screening Tools and Predict or Identify Aberrant Drug-Related Behaviors in Patients Treated with Opioids for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain: An Integrative Literature Review by Newton, Christine

N651 2002 - Effect of Exercise on Cancer-Related Fatigue in Women with Breast Cancer: An Integrative Literature Review by Nicolosi, Sandra K.

N669 1976 - Adolescent Turmoil: A Descriptive Study by Nielson, Freida Freiman

N745 1998 - Evaluation of a Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation Program by Nobis, Polly A.

O45 1977 - The Hospital Experience as Viewed by Patients with Multiple Psychiatric Hospitalizations by Olenych, Marianne

O65 1985 - An Application of the Research on the Head Nurse Role In A Hospital Setting by Ordakowski, Mary

P261 1996 - Effects of the Announcement of Impending Involuntary Relocation and the Sense of Coherence on the Self-perceived Health of Older Religious Sisters by Parrish, Marilyn K.

P485 1994 - Factors Influencing Advanced Nursing Practice by Peterson, Lori Bonar

P692 1985 - Comparing Prototype and Factor Patient Classifications by Pitts, Patricia Eddy

P729 2003 - The Determinant of Physical Activity in Older, Rural, Midwestern Women by Plonczynski, Donna J.

P995 2006 - Identified Barriers to Breastfeeding: Initiation and   Duration in Low-Income  Women:  An Integrative Literature Review by Pycior, Noel M.

R643 1996 - Patients’ Perceptions of Perioperative Nurse Caring Behaviors by Roberts, Elaine A.

S359 2006 - Promoting Adherence to Long-Term Management of Heart Failure by Schneiderman, Jessica

S451 1997 - Self-Directed Work Teams: Utilization in the Nursing Setting by Sefton, Christine A.

S583 2002 - Solution-Focused Brief Psychotherapy: A Concept Analysis by Silinsky, Susan A.

S614 2003 - African American Women and Mammography: What are the factors affecting mammography utilization? by Sims, Dauphne A.

S622 - Psychoeducational Group Treatment for Clients with AIDS Anxiety by Sisson, David M.

S659 1987 - Clients’ Evaluation of a Nursing Intervention Program for Self-Management of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) by Smith, Sandra

S711 1995 - The Relationship Between Self-Scheduling and Job Satisfaction of Nurses by Soost, Kelly A.

S786 1995 - Mothers’ Ability to Provide Self and Infant Care by Stanaitis, Helena

S851 2000 - Psychological Response and Body Image in Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer: An Integrative Review of the Literature by Stewart Julianne M.

S927 2007 - Is Computer Based Instruction an Effective Learning Tool for Staff Development in a Healthcare Setting? by Strum, Teresa J.

S929 1984 -Improving the Performance of Staff Nurses Through Goal-Setting and Performance Feedback by Stull, Mary Katherine

S972 1994 - The Relationship Between Discharge Planning and DRG210 Profitability by Swanson, Ruth E.

S974 2001 - Family Planning Decisions and Seriously Mentally Ill Women: An Analysis of the Ethical Issues by Swedberg, Lynette

V217 1966 - The Postnatal Osteogenesis of the Anconeal Process in the Greyhound and the German Shepard Dog by Van Sickle, David Clark

V224 2003 - Nursing Case Management in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease and Hyperlipidemia by Van Daele, Sallie

V899 2008 - Nurse Substitutes in the School Setting: A Quantitative Analysis of Data by Vollinger, Linda Jeno

V959 1985 - Children’s Response to Divorce by Vos, Kerri

V960 2000 - Effects of Elder Care: An Integrative Literature Review 1994-1999 by Vos, Catherine S.

V969 2008 - Barriers Facing School Districts in Testing and Remediation of Radon: Integrative Literature Review by Voss, Susan

W129 1981 - An Oral History of Nursing Service Administration 1941 – 1964 by Wagley, Elizabeth

W136 - Characteristics of Abuse in the Elderly by Wahlstrom, Carol L.

W187 1963 - An Analysis of the Current Status of the Schistosome Dermatitis Problem in Michigan by Wall, Robert Charles

W226 1983 - Clinical Ladders: Strategy for Survival by Walsh, Marija

W279 2001 - Perceptions of Nurse Caring Behaviors: An Integrative Review of Literature by Warner, Thelma M.

W356 1998 - Caring and the Nurse: Nurses’ Perceptions of Caring for Self and Maintaining Harmony by Waxler, Lynn C.

W373 1995 - Running Head: Ethical Dilemmas of Nurse Managers by Weber, Lisa A.

W469 1982 - Attitudes Toward Death and the Dying Patient of Nurses Working on Various Hospital Units by Wendel, Joan

W677 1996 - Menopausal Symptom Experience in Depressed Women by Wilfong, Monica D.

W775 2009 - Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Evidence-Based Practice: AN Integrative Literature Review by Winkler, Jennifer L.

W798 1995 - Nurse Practitioners’ Beliefs Regarding Six Health Promotional Behaviors by Wirfs, L. Jill

W968 1999 - Health Care Experiences of Low Literate Adults by Wurster, Michelle L.

Z21 1995 - Parental Goals for Sex Education Programming in a Rural School by Zaiser, Julia A.