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Library resources and strategies for research in philosophy

Getting context from background resources

Encyclopedias and other reference sources give you quick background on an unfamiliar topic. Learning the issues, questions, and people associated with a topic can help you decide which direction to take your research. You might also discover keywords that will help you when searching for articles and books.

Browsing library shelves for books

Browsing books in the library is a great way to get the big picture of the field and to help refine your topic. Philosophy books are located on the 2nd floor - North in Daley Library. Relevant call numbers for books on philosophy are listed below.

B  Philosophy (General)

     108-708    Ancient
     720-765    Medieval
     770-785    Renaissance
     790-5739  Modern
     850-5739  By Region or Country

BC Logic

BD Speculative Philosophy.
      10-41     General Philosophical Works
      95-131   Metaphysics
      143-236  Epistemology, Theory of Knowledge
       240-260 Methodology
       300-450 Ontology
       493-701 Cosmology

Searching for academic/scholarly articles


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