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LHS-Peoria Data to Visualization Gallery Wall Display

A guide about the gallery wall display and resources about data visualizations.

About the Display

Visualization has been used in the health sciences to help turn factual data into meaningful and contextual information. The following display highlights several historical pieces to artistic renderings of data visualizations. We hope that the display generates some ideas on and connects you to resources when approaching the visualization of information.

About the Artwork

From Data to Viz

This poster captures a project by Conor Healy providing decision trees leading from a data format to a set of potential graphs or visualization to illustrate that information. *This poster is the inspiration for the entire display.*

Poster of Data to Viz classification of chart types.

DNA Codon

A visualization to translate genetic code into a sequence of amino acids.

A codon table of genetic code.

DNA Double Helix Structure

A visualization illustrating the double-helix model of DNA.

DNA Double Helix with nucleotides.

Mapping the 1854 Broad Street Pump Cholera Outbreak

This data visualization example is one of the first examples of disease mapping. John Snow presented two maps illustrating the deaths that occurred at specific households in London's Broad Street region in 1854. The map in the display was published in his book On the Mode of Communication of Cholera.

Original cholera disease map created in 1854

Diagram of the Causes of Mortality in the Army in the East

Created by Florence Nightingale, these 2 diagrams shows the causes of mortality in British Army during Crimean War. The first diagram is for data from April 1854 to March 1855; the second diagram is from April 1855 to March 1856. This contribution to the sanitary history of the British Army during the late war with Russia.

Two diagrams illustrating causes of motality in the British Army during the Crimean War.

W. Lawrence Ambulance 1889

Patents usually have images associated with the invention or improvement filing. The following image is a registered patent from 1889 creating "new and useful improvements in Ambulances."

Image of a patent registration for an Ambulance

H.F. Olson Acoustic Stethoscope 1945

Patents usually have images associated with the invention or improvement filing. This filing from 1945 details the changes to previous iterations of the stethoscope.

A patent image of an acoustic stethoscope from 1945.

Brachial Plexus Map

A creative visualization of the brachial plexus nerve network. Its artist, Alex Dai, took inspiration from the Massachusetts Fay Transit Authority subway map.

Brachial Plexus mapped like a Transit Authority subway map.

DNA Origami

Visualizations can take many forms. An example includes origami. The following is a short activity that you can do to create your own double helix model. This full-color version of the activity shows how the DNA bases pair together.

Library Resources on Data Visualization

Web Resources on Data Visualization Design

Display Curators

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