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Introduction to Latino Urban Studies: Resources for Research

Sample Research Questions

  • To what extent has gentrification impacted Latino communities in Chicago? 
  • A 2017 Pew Research Report states that 11% of American adults with Hispanic ancestry do not identify as Hispanic. Why is it important that culture and identity is maintained? What is gained or lost when assimilating into a majority culture? 
  • What negative stereotypes exist in media and film for Latino populations? What creative works challenge those stereotypes and highlight accurate experiences within Latino communities?
  • To what extent has Latino youth activism contributed to social change? Looking at the last 50 years identify instances where activism has occurred and discuss the outcome of their efforts. 

Resources of Interest

Understanding Resources

Research is a conversation in which you engage with, interpret, synthesize and challenge different sources, ultimately adding your own voice to the conversation. The web is full of different source types that contribute different perspectives to the conversation, some more scholarly than others. Take a look at your assigned source, and answer the following question as it relates to the topic below.

Question: Which of these sources is appropriate to use in research? Why?

Topic: To what extent has gentrification impacted Latino communities in Chicago?

Be prepared to share with the rest of the class.

Search Terms

  • Race identity
  • Social aspects
  • Mental health
  • Family relationships
  • Social class
  • Economic aspects 
  • Ethnic identity
  • Latino American 
  • Hispanic American 
  • Belonging  

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