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Health Humanities

This guide is intended to support Health Humanities knowledge users and creators.

About this Guide





"Although the world is full of suffering, It is also full of the overcoming of it."   Helen Keller 


"Health Humanities is an interdisciplinary field of research, scholarship, and practice engaging in the dialogical construction of perspectives and their innovative applications for promoting human health and well being. The field includes medical humanities and extends  beyond it to articulate frameworks, values, methodologies, and broad interdisciplinary projects in health and wellness across the full spectrum of the healing professions and their communities of care. Health Humanities draws creatively on the wisdom of the humanities (philosophy, history, law, religion, language, literature, etc) and the expressive power of the arts (visual arts, performing arts, musical arts, multi-media studies, etc). This emergent discipline advances the development of the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and meaningful social relationships to foster the communication of caring and compassion between care providers and care receivers. The field speaks to all who participate in it, regardless of their role, about the shared vulnerability, needfulness, and interdependence experienced in the human journey and the transformative gifts offered by the humanities along the path. Leadership in this field has often arisen from the disability and human development communities where the mutuality of learning to overcome has historically been realized."  M. Clark





This guide presents a variety of resources related to the overarching construct of Health Humanities, including knowledge resources, networking, and events of interest to its user community. Please feel welcome to write the faculty librarians and medical educators developing these resources at UIC with your thoughts. 



The design of this guide was led and implemented chiefly by Sarah Sherman, MLIS with the mentorship of Rebecca Raszewski.

Kevin O'Brien, Clinical Assistant Professor and Head Librarian, Access to Resources
Coordinating Collections and Events

Rebecca Raszewski, Information Services and Liaison to Nursing
Guide Development and Collections

Jeanne Link, Head - Librarian Information Services & Research

The librarians listed here are have long-standing engagements with the humanities. Please feel free to contact them with your questions and ideas in relationship to this guide and the interdisciplinary and interprofessional   activities of the Health Humanities at UIC.  Everyone is welcome to share in this collaboration to expand Health Humanities on the UI Campus and in their relationships to the healing arts and sciences.           



Kristi L. Kirschner, MD, Clinical Professor, UIC College of Medicine,  Department of Medical Education & Department of Disability and Human Development.                                                                                                                                                                                          

News & Community Connections


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Keeping reflection fresh: A practical guide for clinical educators. A. Peterkin and P. Brett-MacLean. 2016. The Kent State University Press. (See "Acts of Reflection: Combining Medical Readers' Theatre and Reflective Writing" by Carol Shilling and Susan Arjmand).