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Gentrification & Chicago: Resources

This guide is developed for ENGL 161 at UIC. This guide focuses on topics related to gentrification; with specific focus on gentrification the impact in the city of Chicago.

Need additional research assistance with your English 161 writing projects? Be sure to review the English 160 & 161: Introduction to Library Research Guide. The English 160 & 161 Research Guide covers the important aspects of starting the research process for your writing projects. 

What is gentrification?

Gentrification is defined as the middle-class settlement in renovated or redeveloped properties in older, inner-city districts formerly occupied by a lower-income population. The process was first named by Ruth Glass, as she observed the arrival of the ‘gentry’ and the accompanying social transition of several districts in central London in the early 1960s. A decade later, broader recognition of gentrification followed in large cities such as London, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Toronto and Sydney undergoing occupational transition from an industrial to a post-industrial economy. More on the topic of gentrification can be found in the Dictionary of Human Geography

UIC Resources



  • What is the impact of gentrification?
  • What is the positive impact of gentrification?
  • What is the negative impact of gentrification?
  • How does gentrification dismantle communities?
  • What examples of gentrification exist at a local, state, national and international levels? 

Understanding Sources

It is important to understand the different types of sources you can use for your research. Each source can serve a different purpose and can provide a different prospective as it relates to your topic.

Below are three sources. Take 5-7 minutes to quickly scan each source. Questions to to answer:

  • If you could summarize each source with 3-4 words, what words would they be?
  • What type of source is each source?
  • What differences do you notice between each source?  
Source 1 Source 2 Source 3
Planetary Gentrification  Airbnb and the rent gap: Gentrification through the sharing economy

The Misunderstood History of Gentrification 

Please add your responses to the following link: 

Understanding Sources Jamboard



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