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Digital Scholarship Hub

Digital Scholarship, Research and Humanities Resources

Support for Equipment and Software

If you would like to set up a consultation with a Hub Staff member, click here.

If you would like to set up a consultation related to fabricating an object, click here.

If you have a question regarding equipment and/or availabilities in the Digital Scholarship Hub, please email us at

To book available equipment in the Fabrication Lab or the Computer Lab, click here.   Please note, most fabrication equipment cannot be booked.   For support creating 3D objects or using the equipment to fabricate an object, please book a Consult in the Fabrication Lab.

Digital Scholarship

Visitors to the Hub can meet with librarians and Digital Humanities Initiative staff members for help with digital humanities, digital scholarship, data science digital publishing, GIS (geographic information system) and other projects.

Equipment and software available at the Hub include GIS data visualization displays, 3D printers, a sewing machine, computers outfitted with software for data and text mining, scanning and prototyping technologies, and a laser cutter.  The laboratory is available to faculty, staff and students involved in digital scholarship and object creation.

To learn more about Digital Scholarship click here

About the Hub

Hub 1  (Daley Library 1-461)

The primary purpose of Hub 1 is to provide access to tools that allow for creation of materials and objects to support research and instruction. 

Hub 2 (Daley Library 2-460)  (coming soon)

Hub 2 provides access to tools that allow analysis and presentation of data in whatever form it might take. 

All tools and software are available to support a diversity of research interests and are available to faculty, staff, and students.