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DCC Library Guide: Collections on Disability History and Culture

Selected Materials

These materials represent only a subset of content from the library. For more in-depth research into Disability Studies, we recommend checking out the research guide for Disability & Human Development.
Please also use your knowledge to enhance the UIC Library for all and Recommend an item for the UIC Library collection.

Books on Disability Culture

Special Collections & Archives Collections

The Disability Cultural Center (DCC) was established as one of UIC’s seven Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change in the Spring of 2018. Publications produced by the DCC, including their zine, Crip Wisdom, have been added to UIC's Special Collections & Archives.

Here is a finding aid for this collection.

Special Collections & Archives also includes the Adrian Scheltes collection, which contains photographs either taken by or collected by Scheltes while he was the Supervisor of Counsel and Guidance for the Blind from the Illinois Division of Vocational Rehabilitation in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Here is the finding aid for this collection.

Books on Disability & Academia

History of Activism among People with Disabilities

Streaming videos