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Data Management

Citing Data

When you reuse a existing data set as part of your research, you should cite it in your references, like you would articles, books, and other materials. Data citations play an important role including:

  • Facilitating the reuse and verification of data
  • Tracking the impact of data
  • Helping to reward and recognize data producers

Provide the same information that you would for other publications when you are acknowledging their use. 

  • Author or Creator: The individual, group, or organization that created the data set.
  • Title: The name of the data set or the study.
  • Publication Year: When was the data published or posted online?
  • Publisher: Who is responsible for producing or distributing the data set? 
  • Edition or Version: Has a version number associated with the data set been provided?  In the case where a repository has multiple versions of the same data set available for use, be sure you cite the data set you used.
  • Persistent identifier:  You want to provide the electronic address of the location where you found the data. This maybe a web address, but often there will be a persistent identifier such as a DOI or persistent handler, that you will want to include.  

Data Sources

Several Guides have been created by UIC librarians linking to various data sources and services