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Global Asian Studies: Starting Research

Finding background information

Finding books

The following techniques can improve your success in searching the catalog for books:

  • Use author and title searches for books cited in readings. For example, your syllabus may list Anna Guevarra, Marketing Dreams, Manufacturing Heroes: The Transnational Labor Brokering of Filipino Workers.
  • Use Proper Nouns. Proper nouns like Indira Gandhi or Qing Dynasty usually narrow a search and can lead to primary sources.
  • Subject Headings. The display of subject headings can suggest search terms and perspectives on your topic. Subject headings bring together books on your topics.
  • If one term does not work, try a few others. Experiment with different vocabulary related to your topic. Brainstorm ideas for relevant keywords and use background sources such as encyclopedias for suggestions.
  • If the UIC copy is unavailable or if UIC does not have what you need, search I-Share. The I-Share catalog tells you what 70+ academic libraries in Illinois have and you can request online most of the books.

Finding journal articles