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UICOMP Institutional Review Board: Do I Need IRB Review?

PIRB Policy on IRB Review and Approval

It is the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria's (UICOMP) policy that all faculty, staff, and students who would like to conduct research involving human subjects must submit their proposal to the PIRB for review and approval.   

No research with human subjects may begin (no data may be collected or subjects recruited) until the UICOM-P IRB has approved the research and the OHRO has provided written approval.


But My Study is Exempt

Some types of human subjects research fall under a category called "Exempt" in the federal regulations.  This type of human subjects research typically involves little to no risk to subjects, and per the federal regulations it does not require review by an IRB.  It is the policy of the UICOM PIRB that research the investigator believes will be exempt still be submitted to the Office of Human Research Oversight (OHRO) for confirmation that it meets the Exempt criteria before the research may be conducted. 

Researchers who believe their research will be exempt should fill out the Project/Protocol Review Form (SHADED SECTIONS ONLY) and submit it in IRBNet along with additional documents indicated in Section 19: Submission Checklist under IRB Exemption.  The OHRO will review the information provided, and if it meets the exemption criteria, will provide the researcher with an approval letter stating the research is exempt.


Investigators conducting Exempt human subjects research are still required to complete CITI training, provide conflict of interest information and send the OHRO a copy of their C.V.


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