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English 161: Taking Thought; Writing Analytically about Philosophy

Tips for Searching Databases

The following techniques can improve your success when searching in the article databases.

Enter phrases in quotes:  "reasonable doubt" "free will" "inductive reasoning"

Use truncation symbols to search for alternate word endings: In most databases, entering philosoph* searches for philosophy, philosopher, and philosophical 

If one term doesn't work, try a few others. Experiment with different vocabulary related to your topic. Brainstorm ideas for relevant keywords and use background sources like the ones listed in this guide for more suggestions.

General/Multidisciplinary Databases

The general databases listed below are a good place to begin research but they often provide limited coverage. Use subject-specific databases to find more articles on your topic.

Subject-Specific Databases

Subject-specific databases offer in-depth coverage of specific disciplines or subject areas. The databases listed below are recommended based on the overall theme of your English 161 course.