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Consumer Health

A guide to electronic and print resources to locate consumer health information.

Finding Books in the Library

To find books by title, author, or subject, search our Library Catalog.

Most books at the Library of the Health Sciences are shelved by the National Library of Medicine Classification system.

Books written specifically for the general public are classified under the subject and given the subheading of "Popular Works". 

Try searching the library catalog using your subject and this phrase, for example: Leukemia AND Popular Works.


Here is a select list of classifications to use when browsing the shelves:

  • QT Sports Medicine
  • QV Drug Information
  • QY Lab Tests & Procedures
  • QZ Cancer
  • W Health Services
  • WA Public Health
  • WB Physical Examination
  • WC Infectious Diseases
  • WD Nutrition
  • WE Bones, Joints and Muscles
  • WF Lungs
  • WG Heart
  • WH Blood
  • WI Digestion
  • WJ Kidney
  • WK Diabetes
  • WL Brain
  • WM Mental Health
  • WN Radiology
  • WO Surgery
  • WP Women's Health
  • WQ Pregnancy
  • WR Skin
  • WS Children's Health
  • WT Elderly
  • WU Dentistry
  • WV Ear, Nose and Throat
  • WW Eyes
  • WY  Nursing