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History of Pronouns: Points of Comparison

How many languages have gendered pronouns?

map of languages and different numbers of genders


Table showing that 1145 languages had no gender system, 50 had 2 genders, 26 had 3, 12 had 4, and 24 had 5 or more

Source: Number of genders. In World Atlas of Language Structures.


Han Singular masculine
Hon Singular feminine
Hen Singular gender neutral
  • 2012: Children's book Kivi and Monsterdog uses gender-neutral pronoun, hen.
  • 2015: Hen incorporated into official Swedish Academy Glossary.
  • 2019: Study finds that use of hen "is associated with people expressing less bias in favor of traditional gender roles and categories."


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Spanish (Argentina)

latino singular masculine
latina singular feminine
latin@, latinx singular neutral, developed mainly in U.S.
latine singular neutral, popularized in Argentina


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