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UIC Library Faculty Profile: Annie Armstrong: Armstrong Profile

University of Illinois at Chicago University Library Faculty Profile

Professional Duties and Research Interests

Annie Armstrong has been a reference and instruction librarian at the Richard J. Daley Library at UIC since 2000, and has served as the Coordinator of Teaching & Learning Services since 2007.  She serves as the library’s liaison to the College of Education and the Department of Psychology. Her research focuses on enhancing and streamlining the online research experience for academic library users both through in-person and online instruction and through usability testing of online research tools. Furthermore, she uses mixed-methods approaches to explore the multifaceted research experience of first-year students. She has published her research and writing in multiple prominent Library & Information Science journals including College & Research Libraries, College & Research Libraries News, Portal, Communications in Information Literacy and Reference Services Review. She has been active on committees of the Instruction Section and Education and Behavioral Sciences Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries.


Selected Publications & Presentations


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