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Scientific Poster Creation

A guide to support Peoria Medical Students, Residents, and Faculty make effective scientific posters.

Creating Effective Scientific Posters

Advice from the ACP

Advice from the ACP

Editing Templates in PowerPoint

Begin by choosing a UICOMP template or other PowerPoint template that you like.  Save this template on the local machine or a thumb drive.


Tips for editing in Powerpoint:

Editing Content:

-Click in the text box

-Simply highlight the existing text and type over it with your content

-Resize boxes by clicking on the box and placing your cursor over a corner mark; ‘click and drag’ the box to the proper size

-Move boxes by clicking on the box and placing your cursor over the box until you see a four-way arrow; then ‘click and drag’ the box

Changing Fonts:

-Click in the text box & highlight the text to be changed

-Click on the Home tab

-Select your font style from the list (remember that Sans serif fonts work best for titles and headers)

-Select your font size from the list (remember that bigger is usually easier to read)

-Choose font options like bold or colors (remember italics and underlining are harder to read and sometimes confusing)

Removing/Adding Extra Text Boxes:

-Click on the text box (you will see a dashed outline)

-Click on the dashed line until it becomes solid

-To remove - Use either the Cut or Delete function to remove the box (you may need to repeat this to remove the header box too)

-To add – Use the Copy function; then click outside of the box and use Paste; move the new box and edit the content

Inserting Visual Elements:

-Know where your image, chart, etc. has been saved

-Insert visual elements by using the Insert tab

-Use large-format images to not lose image quality when printing - example: include .png files

Finding Images