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LEAD - Legislative Education & Advocacy Development Guide

This guide was developed for the LEAD Program

What is the LEAD Program?

2019 -

Since February 2019, the LEADExperience Course has been directed by Dr. Jalene Shoener, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine and Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics.

Dr. Shoener collaborated with Dr. James Ronayne, Professor Bill Kling and others in the creation and early demonstration of the LEADExperience prototype. She is the current principal investigator for the LEAD study, having taken the UIC role from Dr. Ronayne.

Dr. Ronayne was the original principal investigator and founder of LEADExperience program. He continues to support the program and its development nationally.  


History and Aims

The Legislative Education & Advocacy Program (LEAD)  was developed at the University of Illinois under the leadership of Dr. James Ronayne to train residents and other health professional learners in procedures and perspectives for defining policy problems, generating potential solutions, and creating policy briefs for legislators. Learners in the LEAD program are trained to understand and implement a structured protocol in cooperation with their assigned  legislator and as part of an interdisciplinary team. The aim of the program is to acquaint learners with the necessary frameworks, methodologies, and tools required to comprehensively evaluate policy and effectively communicate briefings to policy makers in preparation for their future professional responsibilities as citizen-scientists, policy advisors, and advocates for patients and communities. This guide is designed to support the knowledge interaction and knowledge brokering activities that are at the heart of the LEAD process involving health professional learners, state legislators, and other stakeholders to legislative decision-making. 




LEADExperience Study Publication

The LEAD study is published in the JMIR Medical Education. Link to our Facebook page:




This guide and theory pages were conceived and written by Maureen Clark with James Ronayne as a scholarly work for the purposes of supporting  education and research in legislative advocacy. 

Suggested citation:

MD Clark & JP Ronayne. Legislative Education & Advocacy Development (LEAD) Guide. Library of the Health Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2016-18.