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Germans in Chicago: Home

This guide provides suggested resources for study of Germans and German-American available at the University of Illinois at Chicago Library


This guide will help you discover resources relevant to the study of the Chicago German and German-American population.


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Library of Congress Call Numbers

Use these call numbers to conduct a keyword browse in the library catalog.


DC281-326.5  Franco-German or Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871

DD1-(905) History of Germany

DG515-529 774-1268. Frankish and German emperors

DQ85-87 687-1291. Carolingian and German rule

Political Science

JN1601-2191 Austria-Hungary. Austria. Hungary.

JN3201-4944 Germany

JN8701-9599 Switzerland


KJ160-1040 Germanic law

KK2-9799.3 Germany and West Germany

KKA7-9796 East Germany

KKB-KKC Individual states, provinces, and cities


LF2402-3197 Germany

Languages and Literature

P501-769 Indo-European (Indo-Germanic) philology

PD Germanic languages. Scandinavian languages

PF West Germanic languages

PN821-840 Germanic literature

PN6090-6110 German

PT German literature - Dutch literature - Flemish literature since 1830 - Afrikaans literature - Scandinavian literature - Old Norse literature: Old Icelandic and Old Norwegian - Modern Icelandic literature - Faroese literature - Danish literature - Norwegian literature - Swedish literature