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Exam Study Guide

Resources to help study for many of the standard exams in the Health Sciences, such as the USMLE Step 1.

Welcome to the Exam Study Guide!


This study guide is designed to help students in medical school, nursing school, and other allied health science programs prepare for upcoming standard tests such as the USMLE Step 1.                             

United States Medical Licensing Examinations News

News Links From Exam & Licensing Organizations

Mostly general news - some press releases with new information about exams and licensure.

UWorld:  As a reminder, accounts that expire in June are now extended to the end of the month.  Account ‘freeze’ is available if your exam is scheduled beyond June.  For example, a user with an exam at the end of October can freeze their Uworld on 6/1 and then unfreeze it on 10/1 to resume study.  Accounts may only be frozen once.  If you are interested in freezing your account for later use, please follow contact with the following information:


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