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Kinesiology 335: Exercise Psychology: Develop a Topic

This guide provides information for students in KN 335

Where to start?

When developing your topic, it's highly recommended you do a preliminary search to learn more about it before trying to find research articles. This can help you narrow it down, collect additional terms or concepts you might search with, and get a good overview so you can provide context for your research.

It's okay to search in Google or Wikipedia for general background information. Textbooks and reference books can also be useful resources.


  • Interest (choose something you’ll enjoy researching!)
  • Scope (breadth and depth of a topic)
  • Time (pick something you can successfully address in the given time constraints/due dates)
  • Clarity (know what you’re looking for; refine/adjust as needed)
  • Assignment (follow directions from your professor on topic & paper requirements)

Detailed tips on topic development