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Global Asian Studies

Global Asian Studies at UIC

 The Global Asian Studies Program (GLAS) explores the histories, identities, cultural expressions, social and community formations, and politics of people of Asian ancestry (including but not limited to those from East Asia, South Asia, Southwest and Southeast Asia) wherever they are found across the globe. The program has a particular focus on Asian American experiences, but we emphasize that Asian Americans as a racialized population are linked to other communities of color in the United States as well as to Asian diasporas globally.

The GLAS Program offers courses that are interdisciplinary and comparative in approach and reflect the program’s thematic foci: Transnationalism and Diaspora, which examines Asian migrations and diasporic communities in relation to larger global processes of empire, nation-building, and globalization; Intersectional Race/Gender Studies, which investigates the interconnectedness of historical and contemporary relations of race, gender,class and other markers across social formations; and Community Engagement, Activism, and Social Justice, which works to foster the process and politics of bridging the academy and wider community, and engages with questions of movement building.