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Open Education Resources: Incentive Program Awardees

The Open Textbook Faculty Incentive Program Awardees 2020-2021

The Open Textbook Faculty Incentive Program 2020-2021 awardees are

  • Ahmet Enis Cetin, COE, Electrical and Computer Engineering; ECE 317, Digital Signal Processing I
  • Preston Snee, LAS, Chemistry; CHEM 344 & 346  Physical Chemistry for Biochemists II and Physical Chemistry
  • Mary Beth Watson-Manheim; CBA, IDS Department; IDS 495 Competitive Strategy
  • Michael Muller, LAS, Biological Sciences; BIOS 104, Biology for Non Majors
  • Susanne Rott, LAS, Germanic Studies; GER 211, 212, 214, 310, 311, 333,401, 415, Germanic Studies Program

The Open Textbook Faculty Incentive Program Awardees 2018-2019

The Open Textbook Faculty Incentive Program 2018-2019 awardees are:

  • Andrew Finegold, CADA, Art History; AH 110: World History of Art and the Built Environment
  • Susanne Rott, LAS, Germanic Studies; GER 104: Intermediate German
  • Pamela Popielarz, LAS, Sociology; SOC 244: Sociology of Work
  • Theresa Williams, Nursing; NURS 212: Health Assessment and Communication
  • Catherine Tredway, Nursing; NURS 385: Nursing Care of Populations
  • Boris Igic, LAS, Biological Sciences; BIOS 430: Evolution
  • Laura L. Anderson and Leslie N. Aldrich, LAS, Chemistry; CHEM 230: Organic Chemistry of Biological Systems


2018-2019 Announcement

The Open Textbook Faculty Incentive Program Awardees 2017-2018

The Open Textbook Faculty Incentive Program 2017-2018 awardees are:

  • Andrea McGinley, LAS, Biological Sciences; BIOS 351 Microbiology Laboratory
  • Suresh Aggarwal, COE, Mechanical & Industrial; ME 428 – Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering
  • Trischa Duke, UIC Global Faculty, Tutorium in Intensive English; ASP 033 & ASP 034
  • Aidan Gray, LAS, Philosophy; Phil 102, Introductory Logic
  • Theresa Williams, Nursing, BSN Completion; NURS 390 Nursing Leadership and Management in Health Care
  • Catherine Tredway, Nursing, BSN Completion; NURS 322 Nursing Research and Statistics for Evidenced Based Practice
  • Giamila Fantuzzi, AHS, Kinesiology and Nutrition; HN 202, Culture and Food
  • Sandra Gibbons, LAS, Biological Sciences; BIOS 350 General Microbiology
  • Zachary J. McDowell, LAS, Communication; COMM 206 – Public Relations and Digital Media
  • Preston T. Snee, LAS, Chemistry; HEM 340-Physical Chemistry for Biochemists I.
  • Adrian Barkan, LAS, Physics Department; PHYS 100; potentially PHYS 141/142 track and/or PHYS 105/107 track


2017-2018 Announcment