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Summer Enrichment Writing Workshop

This is the research guide for the Summer Enrichment Writing Workshop. You will find pertinent information on resources that will help you with your assignments for this course and general information about the library.

Daley Library Scavenger Hunt

The idea for the scavenger hunt is to familiarize students to both the physical library and its website. Students will be using a few different resources: The Oxford English Dictionary, the Library search on the library website’s homepage (which searches the book catalog and several library databases at the same time), and Google Scholar.

The scavenger hunt can be conducted in teams; there are six different handouts, one per team. The only difference between the handouts are the terms they are researching for the hunt. Each team has a word associated with language: Slang, Cliche, Idiom, Jargon, Profanity, and Euphemism. The scavenger hunt can also be done alone, though working together with a partner can be advantageous. Be careful with larger groups; students tend to split up the work rather than do the whole hunt together.

As an introduction to the hunt, you can do a demo of the library search on the website, or if you’d prefer, you can skip the demo and have students figure out how to use it as part of the hunt.

For a wrap-up, ask a few students to demonstrate how they searched for their book on the website, and if they had any trouble finding it in the library. Ask other students for comments or suggestions. Have another group discuss their Google Scholar search. Make sure students know the difference between a journal article title and a journal title.

Overview of Library Services