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Rockford Special Collections: Home

Books, pamphlets, photos, and other items stored in the Lucas case at CLHS-Rockford.

Alphabetical list of items by Author

Abt, Isaac A., M.D.
Baby Doctor.
New York & London, Whittlesey House (a division of the McGraw-Hill Book Co.) 1944

Ackermann, Johann Christian Gottlieb.
Pathologisch Un Praktische Abhandlung Uber Die Blahungen Fur Herzte Un Kranke.
Altdorf und Nurn berg. 1800. German.

Adair, Fred L., M.A., M.D., F.A.C.S. (ed.)
Obstetrics and Gynecology, by the Departmental Staff of the University of Chicago and other Contributors
Philadelphia, Lea & Febiger. 1940. Volumes 1 and 2.

Adams, Francis, LL.D. (trans.)
The Genuine Works of Hippocrates.
Translated from the Greek with a Preliminary Discourse and Annotations. In two volumes.
New York, William Wood & Co. No date, Vol. 2 only.

Agnew, D. Hayes, M.D., LL.D
The Principles and Practice of Surgery, Being a Treatise on Surgical Diseases and Injuries. 2nd. Ed.
Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott Co. 1889. Vols. 1,2, and 3.

Alasker, R.L., M.D.
Curing catarrh coughs and colds
New York, Frank E, Morrison. 1918.

Albinus, Bernhard Siegfried.
Tabulae Ossium Humanorum Leidae
Apud. J. Et H. Verbeek, Bibliop. 1753 Latin.

Albinus, Bernhard Siegfried.
Tabulae Sceleti et Musculorum Hominus. 1753. Latin.

Allbutt and Rolleston, System of Medicine, Vol. IX Diseases of the Skin. 1911

The Works of Aristotle, the Famous Philosopher
In four parts, inclusive in one volume. A new and improved edition.
Part first: His complete masterpiece. Part second: His experienced midwife. Part third: His book of problems. Part fourth: His Last Legacy.
London. Cocker, Harris and Finn. No date

Armstrong, John, M.D.
Practical Illustrations of Typhus and Other Fevers: of Pulmonary Consumptions, Measles, Etc.
From the last London ed., with notes by P. Washington Leland.
Boston, T. Bedlington. 1829.

Baillie, Matthew.
The Morbid Anatomy of Some of the Most Important Parts of the Human Body. 2nd Ed.
London, J. Johnston, Et al. 1797.

Barker, Lewellys F.
Time and the Pysician, the Autobiography of Lewellys F. Barker.
New York, G.P. Putnam’s Sons. 1942.

Barnes, Joseph K, Surgeon General et al.
The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion (1861-65)
Part 1, v. 1: Medical History 1870.
Part 1, v. 2: Surgical History 1870
Part 2, v. 1: Medical History 1879
Part 2, v. 2: Surgical History 1876
Part 3, v. 2: Surgical History 1883
Washington, D.C. Govt. Print. Office

Bartholini, Caspari and Harvejanam, Circulationeum
Thomae Bartholini Anatome
1673. Latin

Beers, Clifford Whittingham.
A Mind the Found Itself, and Autobiography by Clifford Whittingham Beers
Garden City, New York, Doubleday & Co. Inc. 1956.

Bell, Benjamin.
A System of Surgery, 2nd American ed. from the 7th Edinburgh ed. Vol. 3.
New York, O. Penniman & Co. 1804

Bell, John M.D.
Rayer on the Diseases of the Skin

Bishop, Seth Scott, M.D., D.C.L., L.L.D.
Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat and their Accessory Cavities. 2nd ed.
Philadelphia, New York Chicago, F.A. Davis Company

Blount, Walter Putnam, A.B., M. D., F.A.C.S.
Fractures in Children.
Baltimore, Williams & Wilkins.

Bock, C.E., M.D.
Atlas of Human Anatomy with Explanatory Text.
New York, William Wood and Co.

Bock, C.E., M.D.
Atlas of Human Anatomy with Explanatory Text.
New York, William Wood and Co.

Boussel, Patrice et al.
History of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Industry.
Asklepios Press
1982 (?)

Bruhl, Gustav , M.D., and Politzer, A., M.D. Editor MacCuen Smith, S., M.D.
Atlas and Epitome of Otology. Translated from the German.
Philadelphia and London, W.B. Saunders and Co.

Burns, Gordon T., M.D.
History of Ob-Gyn. Slide carousel from Dr. Gordon T. Burns.
Contains 78 slides and notebook of Dr. Burns containing notes, charts, newspaper articles. etc.

Burrow, James G.
Ana, Voice of American Medicine.
Boston, Johns Hopkins Press.

Byford, Henry T., M.D.
Manual of Gynecology. 2nd. Ed.
Philadelphia, P. Blakiston, Son and Co.

Cabot, Richard C., M.D.
Differential Diagnosis. 2nd ed., revised. Volume II.
Philadelphia & London, W.B. Saunders Co.

Capuron, J.
Traite Des Maladies Des Enfans Jusqu’a La Puberte. 2nd ed.
Paris, A. Belin.
1820. French

Cathell, D.W., M.D.
Book on the Physician Himself from Graduation to Old Age. Crowning ed.
Philadelphia, F.A. Davis Co.

Charamis, Jean S., M.D.
Textbook of Ophthalmology.
1943. Greek.

Charcot. J. M.
Lecons Sur Les Maladies du Systeme Nerveux Faites a La Salpetrier. 2nd ed., 1st Volume.
Paris, V. Adrien Delahaye et Cie.
1875. French.

Chase, A.W., M.D.
Dr. Chase’s Recipes; or, Information for Everybody: and Invaluable Collection of About Eight Hundred Practical Recipes. 19th ed.
Ann Arbor, Michigan. Published by Author.

Christopher, Frederick, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. (ed. )
A Textbook of Surgery by American Authors.
Philadelphia & London, .B. Saunders Co.
1936. 2 copies.

Clark-Kennedy, A.E.
The Art of Medicine in Relation to the Progress of Thought.
New York, MacMillan

Cleaveland, C.H., M. D.
Pronouncing Medical Lexicon, Containing the Correct Pronunciation and Definition of Terms Used In Medicine and Their Collateral Sciences. 19th ed.
Philadelphia, Lindsay and Blakiston.

Cole, Wallace H., M.D. et al.
The Kenny Method of Treatment for Infantile Paralysis. Publication No. 40.
New York, The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Inc.

Combe, Amdrew (sic), M.D.
A Treatise on the Physiological and Moral Management of Infancy. For the Use of Parents. From the 4th Edinburgh ed.
New York, Harper & Bros.

Condie, D. Francis.
A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Children.
Philadelphia, Lea & Blanchard.

Cone, Thomas E. Jr.
200 Years of Feeding Infants in America.
Clumbus, OH, Ross laboratories.
1976. 4 copies.

Corning, H.K.
Lehrbuch Der Topographischen Anatomie Fur Studierende Und Arzte.
Munchen und Wiesbaden, Verlag Von J.F.Bergmann.
1922. German.

Crossen, Harry Sturgeon, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Diseases of Women. 5th ed., revised and enlarged.
St. Louis, C.V.Mosby Co.

Cunningham, D.J.
Stereoscopic Studies of Anatomy. New Rev. ed. David Waterson, editor.
Sect. 1: Central Nervous System – Cranio-cerebral topography.
Sect. 2: Central Nervous System (cont’d) – Head and Neck.
Sect. 3: Thorax Section.
Sect. 4: Mediastina – Lungs Upper Limb.
Sect. 5: Lumbar Region – Abdomen Inguinal Region.
Sect. 6: Viscera – Perineum.
Sect. 7: Pelvis – Lower Limb.
Sect. 8: Lower Limb (cont’d)
Sect. 9: Internal Anatomy of the Face.
Sect. 10: Temporal Bone – Internal Ear.
Meadville, Pa., Keystone Co., Inc.

Curie, Eve.
Madame Curie, a Biography by Eve Curie. Translated by Vincent Sheean.
Garden, New York, Doubleday, Doran & Co.

Cushing, Harvey.
The Life of Sir William Osler. 4th impression. Vols. 1 & 2.
Oxford, Clarendon Press.

DaCosta, J.M., M.D.
Medical Diagnosis with Special Reference to Practical Medicine: a Guide to the Knowledge and Discrimination of Diseases.
Philadelphia, J.B. Lippiincott & Co.

Dalton, John C., M.D.
A Treatise on Human Physiology: Designed for the use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine, 7th ed.
Philadelphia, Henry C. Lea’s Son & Co.

Davis & Geck, Inc.
Sutures in Ancient Surgery. (Unbound black and white prints)
Davis & Geck, Inc. Eash print dated separately (1930’s and 40”s)

De Graaf, Regnier. (1641-1673)
Opera Omnia
Amstelaedami, Ex Officina Wetsteniana. Italian

Dictionary of Medicine, including general pathology, general therapeutics hygiene, and the diseases of women and children. Vols I and II.
New York, Appleton and Co.

Dubos, Rene J
Louis Pasteur: Free Lance of Science
Boston, Little, Brown and Co.

Dulles, Charles W.
What to do First in Accidents and Emergencies: A Manual. 2nd. ed., revised and enlarged.
Philadelphia, P. Blakiston, Son & Co.

Eberle, John, M.D.
Treatise on the Diseases and Physical Education of Children. 2nd. ed.
Cincinnati, Corey & Fairbank.
Philadelphia, Grigg and Elliott.

Einhorn, Max, M.D.
Practical problems of diet and nutrition.
New York. William Wood & Co.

Ellis, Edward, M.D.
A Practical Manual of the Diseases of Children (With a Formulary by Edward Ellis, M.D.). 3rd ed.
New York, William Wood & Co.

Ellwanger, George H.
Meditations on Gout; with a Consideration of its Cure Through the Use of Wine.
Cambridge. University Press.

Erichsen, John Eric
The Science and Art of Surgery. 1st American ed. From the 5th London ed. Additions by John Ashhurst.
Philadelphia, Henry C. Lea

Portfolio of Surgical Interventions. (Unbound)
Ethicon, Inc. 1955

Falloppio (Fallopius), Gabriel(e).
Opera Omnia
Pudhaeredes Andreae Wecheli, Claud. Marium & Io. Aubrium. Italian. Vols. 1 & 2

Finney, John M. T.
Photograph ( framed) of Jon M.T. Finney (1863-1942) from the painting by Thomas C. Corner.

Finney J.M.T.
A Surgeon’s Life, The Autobiography of J.M.T. Finney
New York, G.P.Putnam’s Sons

Flemming, Donald.
William H. Welch and the Rise of Modern Medicine. Edited by Oscar Handlin.
Boston, Little Brown & Co.

Flexner, Simon
William Henry Welch and the Heroic Age of American Medicine
New York, Viking.

Foster, Nellis B., M.D.
The Examination of Patients.
Philadelphia & London, W. B. Saunders Co.
1923 (1924)

Fox, George Henry, M.D.
Photographic Illustrations of Skin Diseases. 2nd series. 208 pp.
New, York. E.B. Treat, 771 Broadway.

Fox, George Henry M.D.
Photographic Illustrations of Skin Diseases. 2nd series.208 pp.
New York, E.B. Treat, 771 Broadway

Fraser, Donald, M.D.
Clinical Studies in Epilepsy, Composed of Clinical Notes
New York, William Wood & Co., Edinburgh, E. & .S. Livingstone

Frerichs, Dr. Fried. Theod., Trans. By Charles Murchison.
Clinical Treatise on Diseases of the Liver. Vol 2 only.
New York, William Wood & Co.
Fringer, George W.
Millitary Record of George W. Fringer with Historic Reference
Preprinted volume given to each Pre-Civil War soldier to put his name on
Circ. 1898

Fringer, W. R.
Diploma and Pictures

Fringer, W.R.
Certificates/Wall plaques

Fuchs, (Dr.) Ernest
Textbook of Ophthalmology. 2nd American edition. Authorized translation, revised from the 7th and enlarged and improved German edition by A. Duane, M.D.
New York, Appleton & Co.
1901 (1892, 1899).

Fulton, John F.
Harvey Cushing, A Biography.
Springfield, Illinois. Charles C. Thomas.

Gretchell, F.H., M.D. (ed.)
An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Science and Practice of Obstetrics.
Philadelphia, Gebbie & Co.

Glisson, Francis (1597-1677).
Anatomia Hepatis.
Amstelaedami, Apud Iohannem a Revefteyn. Italian

Gnudi, Martha Teach & Webster, Jerome Pierce.
The Life and Times of Gaspare Tagliacozzi: Surgeon of Bologna with a Documented Study of the Scientific and Cultural Life of Bologna in the Sixteenth Century.
New York, Herbert Reichner.
September, 1950.

Goetzl, Alfred, M.D. & Reynolds, Ralph Arthur, M.D.
Julius Tandler, a Biography.
San Francisco. 1944.

Goodman, Louis, MA., M.D. & Gilman, Alfred, Ph.D.
The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, and Textbook of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutics for Physicians and Medical Students.
New York, Macmillan Co.

Goodspeed, Thomas W.
John Crerar. (By Thomas Goodspeed and the Will of John Crerar.)
John Crerar Library ( Chicago). Chicago

Gorgas, Marie D. & Hendrick Burton J.
William Crqwford Gorgas, His Life and Work. 1st ed.
Garden City, New York. Doubleday, Page & Co.

Gottheil, William S.
Illustrated Skin Diseases: an Atlas and Textbook with Special Reference to Modern Diagnosis and the Most Approved Methods of Treatment. 2nd ed.
New York, E.B. Treat & Co.

Gottlieb, Johann Christian, M.D.
Pathologic Practice (Pathologifch=praftifche) Treatment of Swelling for Physicians and the Sick. German

Grant, J.C. Boilear.
An Atlas of Anatomy in One Volume
Baltimore, Williams and Wilkins.

Gray, Henry, F.R.S.
Anatomy, Descriptive and Surgical
Philadelphia, Leat Brothers & Co.

Gray, Henry F.R.S.
Anatomy of the Human Body. 20th ed.
Philadelphia & New York, Lea & Febiger.

Gray, Henry, F.R.S.
Anatomy of the Human Body. 24th ed.
Philadelphia, Lea & Febiger.

Greenhill, J.P., M.D. ( Originally by Joseph B. Delee, M.D.).
Principles and Practice of Obstetrics. 10th ed.
Philadelphia & London, W.B. Saunders Co.

Grulee, Clifford G. M.D. & Eley, R. Cannon, M.D.
The Child in Health and Disease, A Textbook for Students and Practioners of Medicine. 2nd ed.
Baltimore, Williams & Wilkins.

Grulee, Clifford G., A.M., M.D.
Infant Feeding
Philadelphia & London, W.B. Saunders Co.

Grunewald, L., M.D. & Grayson, Charles P., M.D.
Atlas and Abstract of the Diseases of the Larynx. Trans. From the German
Philadelphia, W.B. Saunders

Guersant, M.P. (Honorary surgeon of the Hopital Des Enfants Malades, Paris).
Surgical Diseases of Infants and children. Trans. From the French by Richard J. Dunglison, M.D.
Philadelphia, Henry C. Lea.

Habb, O., M.D. (G.E. DiSchweintz, M.D., Ed.)
Atlas and Epitome of Operative Ophthalomology. Trans. From the German.
Philadelphia, W.B.Saunders & Co.

Habb, O., M.D. ( G.E. DiSchweintz, M.D.,ed.)
Atlas of the External Diseases of the Eye, Including a Brief Treatise on the Pathology and Treatment.
Philadelphia, W. B. Saunders

Haggard, Howard W., M.D.
Mystery, Magic and Medicine: the rise of medicine from superstition to science.
Garden City, NY. Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc.

Hamilton, Frank Hastings (1813-1886)
Monograph on Strabismus; with Cases.
Buffalo, Press of Jewett, Thomas & Co.

Hamilton, Frank Hastings, A.M., M.D. LL.D.
The Principles and Practice of Surgery
New York, William Wood & Co.

Harrison, T.R. (editor-in-chief).
Principles of Internal Medicine.
New York, Toronto, Philadelphia, The Blakiston Co.

Head, Gustavus P., M.D. (ed.)
The Practical Medicine Series of Year Books, Comprising Ten Volumes on the Year’s Progress in Medicine and Surgery.
Volume III: The Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
Volume IV: Gynecology.
Chicago, The Year Book Publishers.
1905. (issued monthly)

The Healing Arts: an Oxford Illustrated Anthology
Ed. by R.S.Downie
Oxford U.P.

Hektoen, Ludvig, M.D.
The Technique of Post-mortem Examination. With 41 Illustrations.
Chicago, W.T. Keener Co.

Hilton, John (W.H.W. Jacobson, ed.)
On Rest and Pain: a Course of Lectures on the Influence of Mechanical and Physiological Rest in the Treatment of Accidents and Surgical Diseases, and the Diagnostic Value of Pain. 2nd ed.
New York, William Wood & Co.
2 copies.

Hirsch, Edwin F.
Frank Billings, the Architect of Medical Education, an Apostle of Excellence in Clinical Practice, a Leader in Chicago Medicine.
University of Chicago.

Hirst, Barton Coke, M.D.
Atlas of Operative Gynecology.
Philadelphia (Title page missing.)

Hirst, Barton Cooke, M.D.
A Text-book of Obstetrics. 3rd ed.
Philadelphia & London, W.B. Saunders & Co.
1901 ( 1902)

Hogg, Jabez
The Microscope: Its History, Construction and Application: Being a Familiar Introduction to the Use of the Instrument and the Study of Microscopical Science. 13th ed.
London, George Routledge & Sons. LTD.

Hollick, Frederick, M.D.
Diseases of Woman. 63rd ed.
New York E.B. Strong & Co.

Holmes, Oliver Wendell
Medical Essays, 1842-1882.
New York, Boston, Houghton, Mifflin & Co. Cambridge, Riverside Press.

Holt, L. Emmett.
The Diseases of Infancy and Childhood for the Use of Students and Practioners of Medicine.
New York, D. Appleton & Co.
1901, c. 1897.

Holt, L Emmett, M.D., LL.D.
The Diseases of Infancy and Childhood for the Use of Students and Practioners of Medicine. 2nd edition, revised and enlarged.
New York & London, D. Appleton & Co.

Hooper, Robert.
Lexicum Medicum or Medical Dictionary. Two Volumes included in one book. 4th American Edition.
New York, Harper & Bros.

Hoorn, Johan Von
Siphra Och Sua Eller Hand-bok for Barnmorskor. 3rd ed.

Horace Wells, Dentist, Father of Surgical Anesthesia.
Proceedings of Centenary Commemorations of Well’s Discovery in 1844 and Lists of Wells Memorabilia including Bibliographies, Memorials, and Testimonials.
American Dental Association.

Hubbell, Alvin, M.D., Ph. D.
The Development of Ophthalmology in America 1800 to 1870.
Chicago, W.T. Keener & Co.

Images of Healing a Portfolio of…
Ed. by Ann Novotny…

Ingals, E. Fletcher, A.M., M.D.
Diseases of the Chest, Throat and Nasal Cavities Including Physical Diagnosis and Diseases of the Lungs, Heart and Aorta, Laryngology and Diseases of the Pharynx, Larynx, Nose, Thyroid Gland and Oesophagus. 2nd. ed.
New York, William Wood & Co.

Jacobi, (Professor of Freiburg in Breisgau) (J.J. Pringle, English Adaptation of Text)
Portfolio of Dermochromes. V. 1, v.2, v.3 supplement
New York, Rebman Co., London agents: Rebman, Ltd., London, W.C.

Jeaffreson, J. Cordy.
A Book about Doctors
London. Hurst & Blackett Publ.
No date.

The John Crerar Library 1895-1944, an historical report.
Prepared under the Authority of the Board of Directors by the Librarian.

Johnson, Hugh A.
Collected papers of Hugh A. Johnson, M.D., M.S.

Johnston, James C.
Atlas of Venereal and Skin Diseases.
With the addition of Chapter on Acute and Chronic Gonorrhea by George Knowles Swinburn, M.D. 2nd ed.
New York. William Wood & Co.
1900. (Lucas Case Flat #2)

Jordan, Edwin O., M.D.
A Text-book of General Bacteriology. 2nd ed., revised.
Philadelphia & London. W.B. Saunders Co.

The Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation, 1930-1955, a review of activities.
New York.

Kales, Anthony, M.D. (ed).
Sleep, Physiology & Pathology, a Symposium.
Philadelphia & Toronto. J. B. Lippincott Co.

Keen, William W., M.D. LL.D & J. William White (editors).
An American Text-book of Surgery, for Practioners and Students. Profusely Illustrated.
Philadelphia. W. B. Saunders.

Kellogg, J.H., M.D., LL.D.
Colon Hygiene, Comprising New and Important Facts…
Battle Creek, Michigan, Good Health Publishing co.
1916 (Eighteen Thousand)
Kelly, Howard A., A.B., M.D., LL.D., F.R.C.S.
Operative Gynecology. Illustrated by Max Brodel. 2nd ed., 2 vols.
New York & London. D. Appleton & Co.

Keyes, E.L., A.M., M.D.
The Venereal Diseases Including Stricture of the Male Urethra.
New York. William Wood & Co.

Kinsey, Alfred C. et al.
Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.
Philadelphia & London, W.B. Saunders.

Krafft-Ebing, Dr. R. v.
Psychopathia Sexualis, with Especial Reference to the Antipathic Sexual Instince, a Medico-forensic Study.
Only authorized English adaptation of the 12th German ed.
New York. Rebman Co.

Krafft-Ebing, Dr. R. v.
Psychopathia Sexualis: a Medico-forensic Study.
New York. Pioneer Publications.
1950 (c1939)

Kronfeld, Peter C., M.D.
Introduction to Ophthalmology.
Springfield IL and Baltimore MD. Charles C. Thomas.

Lederer, Francis L., B.Sc., M.D., F.A.C.S.
Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat. Signed by the author.
Philadelphia, F.A.Davis Co.

Lewin, Philip, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Infantile Paralysis, Anterior Poliomyelitis.
Philadelphia & London,, W.B. Saunders Co.

Liebreich, R. (Translated by H. Rosborogh Swanzy) (Lucas Case flat #1)
Atlas of Ophthalmoscopy. Subtitle: the Normal and Pahthological Conditions of Fundus Oculi as Seen with the Ophthalmoscope. 3rd Ed.
3rd ed. J.A. Churchill.

Liljequist, N. (Translated by J. D. Larson).
The diagnosis from the eye, Iridology. V. 1 & v.2
Rockford, IL., The Iridology Publ. Co.

Lilly Research Laboratories
Treatment of diabetes mellitus: a method of diet calculation and use of insulin (pamphlet)
Indianapolis, IN.
Eli Lilly and company
Lusk, William Thompson, M.D. LL.D (Yale)
The Science and art of midwifery. New ed., revised and enlarged with illustrations.
New York., D. Appleton & Co.

Lyons, Albers S. and Petrucelli, R. Joseph
Medicine: an illustrated history

MacCallum, WG
A text-book of pathology. 2nd edition, thoroughly revised.
Philadelphia, W.B.Saunders company.

MacKenzie, William.
A Practical treatise on the diseases of the eye.
London., Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, & Green.

Mackie, Colonel Thomas T.M.C., A.U.S. et al
A manual of tropical medicine
Philadelphia & London,.W.B. Saunders Co.

Lectures in ophthalmology. V. 1, 1888, v. 2 1889, v.3 1891, v.4 1892.

Maurois, Andre.
The Life of Sir Alexander Fleming, Discoverer of Penicillin. 1st ed.
Translated from the French by Gerard Hopkins, and with and introduction by Professor Robert Cruickshank.
New York, E. P. Dutton & Co.

Maximow, Alexander A. (Completed & edited by Wm. Bloom).
A Text –book of histology.
Philadelphia & London, W. B. Saunders Co.

Mayo, William J. & Charles H Mayo.
A Collection of papers published previous to 1909. Vols. 1 & 2.
Philadelphia & London, W. B. Saunders.

McBride, Earl D.
Crippled children: their treatment and orthopedic nursing.
St. Louis, Mosby.

McClellan, George, M.D. (Lucas Case Flat)
Regional anatomy in its relation to medicine and surgery. Vols. 1 & 2.
Edinburgh and London. Young J. Pentland.

The Medical Sciences in the German Universities, a Study in the History of Civilization.
Translated from the German by Theordor Billroth. With and introduction by William H. Welch.
New York. Macmillan Co.

Medicine: a treasury of art and literature.
Ed. by Ann G. Carmichael and R. M. Ratzan.
Beaux Arts Editions.

Meigs, J. Forsyth, M.D.
A practical treatise on the diseases of children.
Philadelphia. Lindsay & Blakiston.

Mengert, William F., M. D., FACOG.
History of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecoogists, 1950-1970
American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists.

Meyer, Joseph.
The Herbalist.
Hammond, Indiana. Hammond Book Co.

Meyer, Robert. (With a memoir of Dr. Meyer by Emil Novak, M.D.)
Autobiography of Dr. Robert Meyer, a Short abstract of a long life.
New York, Henry Schuman.

Mittendorf, W. F., M.D.
A Manual on diseases of the eye and ear for the use of students and practitioners.
New York. G. P. Putnams’s Sons.

Morgan, William Gerry., M.D., etc. (Historian)
The American College of Physicians, it’s first quarter century.
Philadelphia. American College of Physicians.

Morris, Henry, M.A., M.B. (ed).
Human anatomy, a complete systematic treatise by various authors, including a special section on surgical and topographical anatomy. 3rd. ed., revised & enlarged.
Philadelphia. P. Blakiston’s Son & Co., 1012 Walnut Street.

Morse, Jedidiah, D.D., & Richard C. Morse, A.M.
The Traveler’s guide: or Pocket gazetteer of the United States. 2nd ed. Extracted from the latest edition of Morse’s Universal Gazetteer with appendix.
New Haven. S. Wadsworth.

Morton, Leslie T.
Garrison and Morton’s Medical Bibliography, and Annotated Check-list of Texts Illustrating the History of Medicine. 2nd ed.
New York. Argosy Book Stores.

Mumford, James Gregory, M.D.
A narrative of medicine in America.
Philadelphia & London. J.B. Lippincott Co.

Novak, Emil, A.B., M.D., D,Sc.F.A.C.S.
Gynecological and Obstetrical Pathology, with clinical and endocrine relations. 2nd ed.
Philadelphia & London. W. B. Saunders Co.

Ochsner, A.J., B.S., F.R.M.S., M.D.
Clinical surgery for the instruction of practitioners and students of surgery.
Chicago. Cleveland Press.

Ochsner, A.J., M.D.
A Handbook of appendicitis.
Chicago. G.P. Engelhard & Co.

Oleson, Charles W. , M.D.
Secret nostrums and systems of medicines. ( a book of formulas.) 10th. Ed.
Chicago., Oleson & Co., 35 Clark St.

Olmsted, J.M.D., M.A., PhD., D.Sc.
Charles-edouard Brown-sequard, a nineteenth century neurologist and endocrinologist.
Baltimore. Johns Hopkins Press.

O’Malley, Charles D.
Leonardo da Vinci on the Human Body.
New York. Schuman.

Osler, William, Sir, Bt. M.D.F.R.S.
Aequanimitas, with other addresses to medical students, nurses and practitioners of medicine. 2nd ed. with three additional addresses.
Philadelphia. P. Blakiston’s Son & Co.

Osler, William, M.D., F.R.S.
An Alabama student and other biographical essays.
New York, Oxford University Press American Branch.
London. Henry Frowde.

Osler, William.
The Principles and practice of medicine, designed for the use of practitioners and students of medicine.
New York. Appleton and Co.

Osler, William
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2 copies. Second copy dated 1924.

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(Reproduced ca. 1950?)
Approx. 15 prints; 3 framed. (1 large jiffy bag)

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Bear ye one anothers burden.

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No Date.

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Pictures from a collection of medical costume lore arranged by Mr. Werner Rolloff. 6 pictures.

A History of pharmacy.

4 framed pictures.