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Finance 435:Capitalism, Finance, and American Culture (Logue): Finding Articles

History, Social Science, and Multi-disciplinary Datbases

Business Databases

Economic History Journals

These are some of the journals in economic history which may be of interest for the topics in this class.  Using the links below, you can browse individual issues.  Browsing can be a very useful way of getting ideas for your paper as well as seeing what kind of academic research is being done.

Note:  Although the online journals usually include a search box, so that you can search for a topic in one particular journal, this is not usually recommended. Beginning researchers will usually have much better success searching in an Article Database which covers many journals.  One can rarely predict where you will find a relevant article.

Search Strategies

Try using a "Boolean search" when searching for articles. When doing a Boolean search, connect keywords or phrases with AND, OR, or NOT to get the desired result. Using AND or NOT will narrow your search, while using OR will broaden it. Typically, you will need to put phrases in quotation marks.


Immigration AND Reform: Finds articles with both the terms Immigration and Reform

(Taxes OR Tariffs) AND "New England" : Finds articles with Taxes and "New England", as well as articles with Tariffs and "New England"