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Professor Gonzalez Vicker

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Jimmy Gonzalez Vicker
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Subjects: Dentistry

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Books at the Library of the Health Sciences are shelved by the National Library of Medicine Classification system. Generally, books about dentistry or books written specifically for dentists or dental assistants are classified "WU":

WU 1-49: Reference Works. General Works

WU 50-95: Ethics, Professional Practice and Personnel, Records

WU 100-113.7: Anatomy, Physiology, Hygiene

WU 140-166: Diseases, Injuries, Technology, Therapeutics

WU 170-190: Dental Chemistry and Materials

WU 210-290: Dental Anatomy, Diseases

WU 300-360: Operative Dentistry

WU 400-440: Orthodontic

WU 460-495: Special Patient Groups

WU 500-530: Prosthodontics

WU 600-640: Oral Surgery

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