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Medicine: Welcome - LHS Medicine

Databases, resources and clinical tools for Medicine

Evidence-based Medicine Tutorial

Evidence-based Medicine Tutorial (Created by UIC Librarians)

All Evidence-based Practice Tutorials (Created by UIC Librarians)

E-Journals at UIC

HUB for Medicine @ UIC - Contents

THE HUB FOR MEDICINE GUIDE - major collections & guides shared by all LHS campus users and links to regional campus websites for location-specific collections and service information (right).

WELCOME TAB - Featured special topic guides are listed below

RESEARCH DATABASES TAB - Go to this page to access biomedical citation databases including PubMed, EMBASE, and the Cochrane Libraries. These major databases are used in "classic literature reviews" by both clinicians and researchers. Also on this tab are specialized databases like ERIC and the EbscoHOST Professional Development Collection for educators, major collections of PubMed/NCBI books and evidence-based review materials, and links to resources helping you with the review process..

CLINICAL TOOLS TAB - Go to this page for Point-of-Care tools like UptoDate, DynaMed, and Clinical Pharmacy as well as core textbooks collections for clinicians like Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine and the ACCESS databases of books and hundreds of clinical summaries.

E-BOOKS & MULTIMEDIA TAB -  The Library Catalog enables you to search for core textbooks and knowledge sources by subject/title, but the major collections of eBooks and online tutorials here allow you to browse many topics and sub-specialties.  .  

Featured Guides for Medicine - Clinical, Research, Public Health, Health Services Administration

Health Sciences Gateway Guide - This guide functions as a portal for all of the LHS Health Sciences collections, including Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Applied Health Sciences.


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