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Queer Theory: Resources

This guide was intended to be used for English 161 with the topical theme of queer theory.

Need additional research assistance with your English 161 writing projects? Be sure to review the English 160 & 161: Introduction to Library Research Guide. The English 160 & 161 Research Guide covers the important aspects of starting the research process for your writing projects. 

What is queer theory?

What does this mean for my research topic?

Queer theory is easily relatable to the shared experiences of all communities, navigating a world where identity is often seen in binary distinctions—straight/gay, man/women, white/person of color, educated/uneducated—that make alternate spaces uncomfortable or invisible. - Working with Writers: UIC Writing Center Handbook Vainis Aleksa, Kim O'Neil, Rita Sacay, & Charitianne Williams

This means you could write about a variety of experiences that has meaning or importance to you. Topics could include:

  • Civil rights issues, marches or movements 
  • Exploring cultural norms or attitudes of a specific generation 
  • Understanding issues privilege and marginalized groups
  • Discrimination in the workplace, school or other environments 
  • Issues related to gender identity
  • Issues related to sexual orientation

Important People, Terms & Definitions

All definitions taken from Credo Reference

Search Term Tips

Phrase Searches- Search for phrases by placing quotation marks around the phrase. Words with quotes will appear together in all search results. Example: “queer theory”

Boolean Operators- Use AND or OR to specify multiple words in any field, any order. Use AND NOT to exclude words. Select the operator you wish to use from the drop down menu in the Advanced Search form. Example:  “workplace discrimination” AND females OR women NOT men



What if I need help developing my research topic?

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