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Pharmacology Practicum A: Welcome

A subject guide for pharmacology practicum A for UIC COM-P

Case Assignments

Groups will work on the cases as follows:

Monday, August 14th

CASE 1 Hypertension

Group 4A

Group 4B

Group 5A


CASE 2 Asthma

Group 5B

Group 6A

Group 6B


Tuesday, August 15th

CASE 1 Hypertension

Group 1A

Group 1B

Group 2A


CASE 2 Asthma

Group 2B

Group 3A

Group 3B


Welcome to Practicum A


Upon completion of Practicum A, students will…

  1. Identify and use sources of drug information
  2. Appraise the drug information resources based on scope, completeness and ease of use
  3. Produce presentation on resource with findings from appraisal

Group Activity

1. In your small group, Click on the tab for the Case that is assigned to your group.You will see a box with questions that are specific to your group.

2. Working as a group (divide the tasks as you see fit)

  • Use the resource(s) specified for your group
  • Find the information detailed in the activities for your group
  • You don't need to provide the answer, only HOW you found the information
  • Use the categories developed in the mind mapping exercise to evaluate this resource
  • Prepare the presentation as a group; you will have seven minutes total to present
  • You will have 20 minutes to prepare 

3.  Feel free to use  PowerPoint help you organize the presentation if you wish, but you MUST demonstrate the resource as part of your presentation!  You can use the links provided on the Practicum A Resources tab to quickly get to these resources.


Please limit your presentation to seven minutes so we don't go over the two hours

  • Each member of the group should participate in the presentation
  • Please report on the following:
    • Demonstrate the search strategy/strategies for the resource(s) you used
    • Comment on the scope, completeness, and ease of use of the resource(s) 
    • Demonstrate at least 3-4 features of the resource(s) that would be useful learning tools for pharmacology or other disciplines in the coming year


Please complete the evaluation under the Minute Paper tab before you leave.   

Emily Johnson, Assistant Professor and Regional Health Sciences Librarian

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Emily Johnson
UIC Library of the Health Sciences - Peoria
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