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Library Faculty Mentoring Policy: Objectives

Objectives & Goals

OBJECTIVE: Effective mentoring of the faculty is critical for enhancing academic excellence, building a strong and diverse faculty, and developing a respectful and positive work climate in which all members of the university community can thrive. UIC seeks to make faculty mentoring a priority by undertaking and regularizing sound mentoring practices.

GOALS: The goals of the program include:

  1. to help new and/or junior faculty successfully negotiate the UIC periodic review or promotion and tenure process
  2. to learn the research process
  3. to help new and/or junior faculty understand UIC faculty activities outside the Library, such as membership on the UIC Faculty Senate or on Senate Committees
  4. to develop as professional librarians

Developing as a professional librarian means performing one’s work to high standards, both in terms of proficiency and ethics, in one’s assigned roles as well as engaging in professional service. The mentoring program does not include professional development (i.e. cross training or learning new proficiencies). This does not mean that professional development cannot occur in one’s career at UIC, but it is not the purpose of this mentoring program.