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INDIGO Help: INDIGO Access Restriction Policy

These pages provide help for searching, browsing, and submitting to INDIGO.

INDIGO Access Restrictions


By default, items in INDIGO have no access restrictions, that is, they are openly and freely available via the World Wide Web. Open access to deposited items encourages a primary mission of INDIGO  the distribution, dissemination, promotion, and use of research and scholarship produced at UIC. The University Library strongly encourage depositors not to place access restrictions on deposited items.

However, there may be some situations when depositors need to restrict access to items in INDIGO.  For example, a publisher may allow deposit of published articles into an institutional repository (such as INDIGO), but require an embargo (of 6, 12, 18, or 24 months) before the article may be made publicly accessible. Such a postprint might be deposited into INDIGO,  but no access would be allowed for the embargo period specified by publisher.   During the process of uploading article the into INDIGO, the submitter will be given the option to embargo the item and indicate the number of months before the item can be publicly accessible.

INDIGO allows access restrictions to be imposed at the collection or item level. The individual depositor or the INDIGO community (the group responsible for a set of collections in INDIGO) is responsible for the decision to impose access restrictions.


Access restrictions on an item may be set to one of the following levels:

  • Campus Access Restricted to University of Illinois at Chicago community members with a NetID and password only; or 
  • lock.png Restricted to a specific group defined and maintained within INDIGO; or
  • Embargoed, i.e. closed access (i.e. accessible to no one via the web) for a specific period of time. These items are not accessible except to an INDIGO administrator.

Access restrictions on a collection may be set to one of the following levels:


  • Level 1: Restricted to University of Illinois at UIC community members with a NetID and password only; or
  • Level 2: Restricted to a specific group defined and maintained within INDIGO.
  • Level 3: Embargoed (i.e. closed access) for a specific period of time.

However, individual items within a collection may be assigned a different access restriction level, including Level 3, regardless of the level of restriction assigned to the whole collection.

If an individual depositor or INDIGO Community decides to limit access to items, or an entire collection, to a specific group (Level 2), the individual depositor or the INDIGO Community must take responsibility for the continued maintenance of this access restriction level - particularly the group membership - for the items or collection. INDIGO staff takes responsibility for the continued maintenance of Level 1 and Level 3 access restrictions.

Access restrictions may be set to never expire or may be set to expire after a specified period of time. If access restrictions are necessary, we urge depositors to only put in place the minimum level of restriction necessary.

If a depositor wishes to set access restrictions on an item, they may do so during the deposit process. If a depositor wishes to restrict access to a specific group (Level 2), the INDIGO staff will be notified upon deposit of the item and will work with the depositor on the initial set-up of that group. Restricting access to the University of Illinois community (Level 1) or establishing an embargo period (Level 3) will require no further action on the part of the depositor.

An INDIGO Community who wishes to restrict access to all material in a specific collection must contact INDIGO staff who will assist them in establishing these restrictions.

If a depositor or an INDIGO Community wishes to restrict access, change the level or time period of restrictions, or lift restrictions to an item after it has been deposited, they must contact the INDIGO staff in order to make these changes. At this point, it is not possible for a depositor or an INDIGO Community to make changes to access restrictions on an item(s) after it has been deposited.

If an item has access restrictions this will be indicated to users of INDIGO in the metadata as well as by a lock icon next to the download link. A indicates a Level 2 restriction. A indicates a Level 1 restriction. If an item is embargoed (Level 3), the only reference until the embargo period ends will be a page, accessible only via the item’s persistent URL or handle, stating that the item has been embargoed and giving its release date.