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HCOE - Hispanic Center of Excellence: 1 - Home

HCOE Mission

Hispanic Center of Excellence Mission Statement:  

"To improve the medical care of Latinos in Illinois by providing programs that strengthen the pipeline and increase the number of Latino applicants pursuing health careers; enrich the education of Latino students, with an emphasis on producing linguistically and culturally-competent health practitioners; and build partnerships with others that share the same vision."

Sample Search Strings for Databases

PubMed *

pipeline AND (students OR curricul* OR education OR "health professions education" OR "Education, Professional"[Mesh]) AND (hispanic OR latino OR minorities) 

* Always look at the suggested articles on the right side of a search result. Check the citing articles in PMC too. At the top of the results page is a Sort field and you can choose Journals to see the top publishers in this area. You can export easilty to RefWorks too by going to the Send to pulldown and selection File. Save the search results to your desktop and upload them to RefWorks.



pipeline AND (hispanic OR latino OR minorities) AND ("health professions education" OR "medical students" OR "nursing students" OR "dental students" OR "pharmacy students")

** On the left side, look at the category Source Titles to see the journals publishing in this area. On the right side of the results, please notice the "Cited by" field and click it. This is one of 3 major places to trace citations. You can Export to RefWorks too! 


Professional Development Collection - Select the additional database of CINAHL

DE "HEALTH occupations students" AND pipeline AND ( hispanic OR latino OR minority OR minorities ) 

Alternately - try this search, then narrow by Subject Major after -

pipeline AND ( minorities or ethnic groups ) 


Web of Science***

(pipeline) AND TOPIC: (students) AND TOPIC: (hispanic OR latino OR minorities)

***After performing this search, narrow by using the WOS Categories include / exclude functions. Note the publication sources. Also, this is one of the major places to look at citation tracking - who they cited and who cited them (see left side)


PsycInfo - one of many possible searches... Notice the publication titles.

(subject("Minority Groups ") AND subject("Medical Education ")) OR (pipeline AND education AND Hispanic)


Sage Premier Full-Text - this database has been added to the Medicine Hub page. 

(hispanic OR latino) AND pipeline AND students AND stem


Google Scholar via Library's Medicine Hub Page

Use the pulldown carot in the search box to get to the Advanced search page. Here is one productive combination for the search

in the top box:    pipeline students professions 

in the third box: hispanic latino minorities minority


Note you can also search a particular journal from Google Scholar as well -

Do the search above and add Academic Medicine to the journal field. When you find a great article, look to see who is searching it.


Here is an important title from PubMed - try to do a search in Google Scholar on this committee:

Expanding Underrepresented Minority Participation. National Academy of Sciences (US), National Academy of Engineering (US), and Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Underrepresented Groups and the Expansion of the Science and Engineering Workforce Pipeline. Source Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 2011. The National Academies Collection: Reports funded by National Institutes of Health.


Here is a way to search Google Scholar for reviews in this topical area - not intitle:reviw  has no spaces in-between

in the first box: pipeline professions intitle:review

in the third box: latino hispanic minorities minority underrepresented



Searching Inside Individual Journals

On the Medicine Hub page, look for the Catalog. All the journals are listed in the Catalog. Look for Academic Medicine by entering the title in the search box, and choosing the Title search option. Select the electronic/online version. Use the search box to look for   -   pipeline hispanic

Review Typology and Grey Literature