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Educational Psychology: Article Databases


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Full Text Access

Find full text articles from all our UIC Library databases by clicking on

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Tips for Searching Article Databases

General Search Tips

enter phrases in quotes to search for exact phrases ("social emotional learning")

use truncation/wildcard symbols to search for multiple word endings (technol* searches for technology and technological)

search by subject headings instead of keyword/anywhere to find fewer results more focused on your topic. 

Use the built in Thesaurus (often listed under "Tools" in the database) to look up preferred search terms. Subject headings/descriptors are also listed in each article record

Boolean Searching

    use AND to combine terms and narrow searches: "language attrition" and children looks for articles incorporating both terms, narrowing the search

    "language learning" OR "language instruction" looks for articles incorporating either term, broadening the search

    You can incorporate both AND and OR into the same search: (bias OR discrimination) AND test* AND (race OR racial OR ethnic OR gender)

    Use NOT to exclude a term: (school* OR education) AND mexico NOT "new mexico"

    Subject-Specific Databases

    Multidisciplinary Databases & Collections

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