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EDPS 544: Articles

A Guide to Research Tools in Education & Policy Studies

Subject-Specific Databases

BrowZine E-Journal Viewer for Tablet Devices

Cross-Disciplinary Databases

Finding E-Journals by Title

Click on the blue E-Journals tab on the library web site or use the search options on the Journals page to find E-Journals available at UIC.

Search Summon

                       Discover the World of library content

Take a look at the Summon guide to learn more about finding articles, books, and more.

Tips for Searching Article Databases

  • enter phrases in quotes ("standardized tests")
  • use truncation/wildcard symbols to search for multiple word endings (technol* searches for technology and technological)
  • search by descriptor/subject heading to find fewer results more focused on your topic. Subject headings are listed in each record and some databases have a built-in thesaurus for finding preferred terms
  • Boolean Searching:
    • use AND to combine terms and narrow searches: "language attrition" and children looks for articles incorporating both terms, narrowing the search
    • "school leaders" OR "school principals" looks for articles incorporating either term, broadening the search
    • You can incorporate both AND and OR into the same search:
      • ("school leaders" or "school principals") and power

Library Support


Create your own citation database and quickly build bibliographies with RefWorks.

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