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UIC Library Faculty Profile: David Dror, Reference and Liaison Librarian for Physics, Engineering, and MSCS: Dror Profile

University of Illinois at Chicago Library Faculty Profile

Professional Duties and Research Interests

Professional Duties:

As my title suggests, I am the liaison librarian to the Physics Department, the department of Math Statistics and Computer Science, and the College of Engineering.  As such I will be working with faculty, students, and staff in those departments to determine and meet their information needs.  That will include managing the library collection for those departments, answering reference questions about information relevant to those departments, and assisting in information litteracy instruction for those departments.  What that means for you is that if you are doing research in one of those departments and need assistance, please contact me.  If you have thoughts about our collections for those departments please contact me.  If you are a teacher in any of the relevant classes and want your students to do some research, please contact me.  I will be able to help you.

One specific matter that I will try to focus on in the near future is to ensure that the library can assist faculty and students both with managing data and with finding useful data.

Beyond that, I will be participating as a member of the library reference team and doing my best to meet peoples information needs regardless of department, and I will be participating as part of the library instruction team and will be doing my best to help students understand how to best go about getting the information resources they need.  I will also be contributing to the literature in the field of information and library science.

Research Interests:

My research interests are fairly broad.  One particular interest of mine is the attempt to use alternative metrics to determine how valuable various research products are.  I am currently doing research in bibliometrics, specifically researching journal metrics like Impact Factor.


Current Position:

I started August 1st, 2013.  I am the Reference and Liaison Librarian for Physics, Engineering, and Math, Statistics, and Computer Science.


I graduated in Aug 2012 with an MA from the School of Information Resources and Library Science at the University of Arizona.  

I have a strong background in teaching and the physical sciences.  I will use my experience to meet the needs of faculty and students both in general, and in the fields I have been assigned.   

Side note:  

The image for my picture is from one of the star clusters I did research on, taken from (May 7th, 2007). (

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