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HON 126 - The Daley's Chicago: From Midcentury to Global City: Analyze Documents

Document Investigation

Think about these questions when you analyze primary documents:

  • Who is the author or creator of the document?
  • What type of document is this? (Is it a photo, letter, map, cartoon, speech, etc?)
  • Why was this document created? What was its purpose?
  • What is the central message of this document? What is the main point the author if trying to make?
  • Who is the author addressing? (Who was meant to read or see this document?)
  • What types of arguments, evidence, or techniques does the author use to get across his or her message? Do you find these arguments convincing? Why or why not?
  • Is the document credible and accurate? Does the author have any bias that may have impacted the document?
  • Why was this document saved instead of discarded?
  • How is this document significant? How does it relate to other documents we have read in class? What does this document tell us about major themes and ideas of this course?

Example Documents from Digital Exhibit