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UIC Library Faculty Profile: Emily Johnson-Barlow - Associate Professor and Regional Health Sciences Librarian: Publications & Presentations


Johnson, E.M., McBee-Orzulak, F.J., & Mischler, M.J. (2019) Assessing the evidence together: a guided EBM journal club for medical students. In L.M. Young & E.G. Hinton (Eds.), Framing health care instruction: an information literacy handbook for the health sciences. (pp. 29). Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield.

Lauseng, D.L., Howard, C. & Johnson, E.M. (2019) Professional development in evidence-based practice: course survey results to inform administrative decision makingJournal of the Medical Library Association. 107(3), 394 - 402. doi:10.5195/jmla.2019.628. 

Johnson, E.M. & Howard, C. (2019) A library mobile device deployment to enhance the medical student experience in a rural longitudinal integrated clerkship. Journal of the Medical Library Association. 107(1), 30 - 42. doi:

Johnson, E. M., Jones, K., Eathington, P., Howard, C., Raszewski, R., & Twigg, N. M. (2017). NExT: Creating an interdisciplinary alliance to diminish informational barriers for public health nursing. Health Information & Libraries Journal. 34(3), 236 – 246. doi :10.1111/hir.12184

Johnson, E., Emani, V. K., & Ren, J. (2016). Breadth of coverage, ease of use, and quality of mobile point-of-care tool information summaries: An evaluation. JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 4(4), e117. doi:v4i4e117 [pii]

Johnson, E. M. (2014). Audience response systems. In A. E. Blevins, & M. B. Inman (Eds.), Curriculum-based library instruction: From cultivating faculty relationships to assessment (pp. 61). Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield.

Johnson E. (2013). Tune Up Your Pedagogical Questions for Effective Use of Classroom Response Systems. LOEX Conference Proceedings.

Johnson E., Dodd-McCue D., Tartaglia A., McDaniel J. (2013).  Mapping the Literature of Allied Health: Healthcare Chaplaincy.  Journal of the Medical Library Association, 101(3), 199-204.


Johnson, E.M., Lauseng, D.L., and Howard, C. (2018) Curricular Transformation Using an Instructional Design Model: A Medical Informatics Elective Course Case Study. Paper presentation. MLA Annual Conference 2018 in Atlanta, GA. May 2018.
Session: Instruction and Instructional Design 2 (ID2) | Room: Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Embassy E | Date: May 21st, 2018

Lauseng, D.L., Johnson, E.M., and Howard, C. (October 2017) EBP Online Course for Librarians: Evaluation and Application of New Skills. Paper presentation. Midwest Chapter of MLA Annual Conference 2017 in Ypsilanti, MI.
Contributed Papers Session 2 | Date & Time: October 15th, 2017 3:30 to 3:50PM

Johnson, E.M. and Howard, C. (May 2017) Rural Information Connection: An iPad Mini Lending Program to Rural Student Physicians. Poster presentation. MLA Annual Conference 2017 in Seattle, WA.
Poster Session 1: No. 221 | Date & Time: May 28th, 2017 2PM to 2:55PM

Johnson, E.M., Howard, C., Raszewski, R., Jones, K.L., Eathington, P.K., Twigg, N. (May 2016) NExT: Comparing the Effectiveness of Public Health Nursing Evidence-Based Practice In-Person Education to an Online Asynchronous Tutorial. Poster presentation. MLA Annual Conference 2016 in Toronto, ON.
Poster Session 3: No. 63 | Date & Time: May 17th, 2016
2PM to 2:55PM

Dwyer, J., Johnson, E.M., Howard, C. (October 2015) NExT: Adapting In-person Workshops to Online Modules. Poster presentation. MidWest Chapter of the Medical Library Association Conference 2015 in Louisville, KY.

Johnson, E.M., Howard, C., Jones, K.L., Eathington, P.K. (May 2015). NExT: Creating an Interprofessional Alliance to Diminish Informational Barriers for Public Health Nurses. Paper presentation. MLA Annual Conference 2015 in Austin, TX.
Room: Austin Convention Center, Level Four, 18A | Date: May 18, 2015